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[Feature] YB Collabs through the Years : Part 4 TOP and G-Dragon

The next two collaborators need no introduction.  Aside from the work they’ve done together under Big Bang (namely Hallelujah and Ma Girl), T.O.P. and G-Dragon have worked with Taeyang on solo and sub-unit ventures.

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D9: Tracks 7 & 8!

Looks like we’ve got ourselves the titles to two more tracks people~ Breakdown (produced by Teddy) and “After You Fall Asleep” featuring rapper Swings produced by GD and Choice 37. Some background on Swings (real name : Johnathan Moon) – He is a member of an underground hiphop crew called Overclass who delivers his lyrics passionately with a perfected flow. Hmmm interesting.

and to update on the “I Need a Girl” MV – Dara posted up a picture showing signs of filming going on in the background! Click to see the full pic 🙂

Anyone catch YG’s boo-boo on the countdown?? (lol)

D11: Two more tracks revealed!

Hi everyone, my name is Janelle Marie and I’m a new writer here at Always Taeyang.

If you’re anything like me you’ve been eagerly anticipating Tayang’s new album.  Yesterday YG Entertainment let out of the bag Taeyang’s two new tracks. Well boys and girls they’ve released two more:

Check out the updated site – http://www.ygbigbang.com/taeyang/

Track number three is called “I Need A Girl” featuring G-dragon and track four is called “Just A Feeling” produced by Teddy and Taeyang!

Well, there you have it. I don’t know about you but I’m getting really excited. I can’t wait for Taeyang’s album to drop.

Mnet MAMA Awards 2009 – Taeyang & GD Special Stage!

[Update] Sharing Love Concert is on tonight (Sunday afternoon, 4PM Korea) instead of SBS Inkigayo. Taeyang will be performing. As usual, use the time converter to see when its on, and also you can watch live with TVants on the same SBS channel.

Alright, so i’m sure the chatbox people have much to say since alot of them watched the entire thing, myself on the other hand woke up at the perfect time to watch it live….and the performance was great!!

Here’s how it went:

GD- Heartbreaker

GD, boy, I don’t even know what to say about that hair….

Taeyang – Where U At & Wedding Dress

omo, omo omo….Taeyang! He did a really good job, although I wish he didn’t sing while trying to do those dance moves in Where u At because of what happened in Wedding Dress…poor baby. He looked really tired but THE BACKFLIP was so cool!!~~~ Mr. Sexy in Black…loved it (minus the rubber boots). AND stupid MNET messed up the sound system!!!!

GDYB – Korean Dream

Okay, so the song is more bearable when they’re performing, but still, not my fav song. BUT I liked the performance. The color concept was real good, and the little bit at the end when they each screamed out each others name…AW BROMANCE. LOL

GDYB to perform on MAMA 2009!

[UPDATE] How to watch MAMA Live.
1) Follow the tutorial given here to download “TvAnts”
2) Find the channel “Korea > Mnet” – that is the channel MAMA will be on
3) To find out what time MAMA will be on for you, look on your right side under “Upcoming Events“. Anytime there is an event you can watch live, a time converter named “Your Time” will be posted beside the event to help you find the time it airs for you.
4) If you still have problems, email me (Kay)

Woo Hoo!~ Thank you Myokoon

G-dragon-Taeyang, close friends for 8 years, will have their first duet at MAMA

G-dragon and Taeyang, who are  doing solo activities will perform their first duet stage after their debut at the 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

On the 17th, according to YG entertainment (label Big Bang is signed with), G-dragon and Taeyang are planned to participate in the MAMA’s, held at Jamsil stadium on the 21st, and they will sing “Korean dream” together. This song is also on G-dragon’s solo album.

According to YG entertainment, G-dragon is busy preparing his solo concert and Taeyang is continuing to practice for his solo activities, but they are passionately preparing the duet stage staying up all night and between their busy schedules.

YG entertainment tells us to expect, “the two members have been being together for a long time, so they always get along very well. It is lovely seeing them concerned for each other and taking care of each other even though they are busy preparing their individual stages. It will be a great stage!”

G-dragon and Taeyang are close friends having been through a lot together for 8 years, from traineeship to their debut.

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Translations by Myokoon| Please credit Always Taeyang if taken elsewhere

Do not, and I repeat, do not post this information or any interpretation as your own unless you can show me your translated it yourself *cough*allkpop*cough*. Our translators work extremely hard to get this translations out quickly, it is disgraceful stealing translations without credit and hella pisses me off. Seriously, give credit where it is due.

On a happier note, YB will be on a radio show tomorrow “hong jin kyung’s ga yo gwang jang” is the name. We’ll post up more when we find out about it

GD & Taeyang “showdown” in November

Coming November, 5-member group Big Bang members GDragon and TaeYang come face to face in competition.

According to Big Bang’s representative on 7th September that TaeYang’s new solo single album will be released end-October to early November.

And for GDragon who has released his debut solo album end-August, he will also be promoting till end-November. With that, there will be high possibility that the 2 will come in competition in November.

From Big Bang’s representative, “GDragon who has recently revealed his first solo album, will be doing promotions for the maximum amount of time performing diffrent songs because fans have given him great interests even though he don’t show his features much on broadcast shows.”

“And for TaeYang’s case, because he will be releasing his 2nd solo album end-October to early November, the 2 will be promoting solo in the same time period.”

The 2 had been training under YG Entertainment together since elementary grade 6. The 2 can be said to be best friend with their music capabilities acknowledged by many.

And with that, much interests are already focused on the 2 even though their ’showdown’ will only take place in November.

Big Bang’s representative said, “Because for GDragon’s solo album, there is a song that is done with TaeYang, there is high chances that the 2 will perform together in year-end stages together.”

Translation source – sookyeong@kbites
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Okay, so I’m a bit annoyed. What I was hoping wouldn’t happen is going to happen. WHY?!!
So I’ll probably vent for a while, I’m really not happy they’re going to be promoting at the same time. It’s almost like YG had this planned all along like how he made Taeyang and GD look like rivals during  Big Bang Documentary, now he want’s them to go head to get to garner more attention on both albums. This does not sound good. The comparisons, the fan wars…it’ll all be chaos. I hope I can put more trust in BB/GD and Taeyang fans to maintain the peace….

What are your views?