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English Version of 죄인 (Prisoner)

Lots of thanks to AzNgUrL1509@soompi for the tip/share.

You probably recognized that it’s an English version of  Tae Yang’s “죄인” (Prisoner).  It’s sung by Drew Ryan Scott from a yet-to-debut pop/R&B band from Los Angeles “Varsity Fanclub.”

My first reaction was “Who was first?”  I did some research and although I’m not sure, I’m convinced that Tae Yang’s is the “original” version because 1) he released it first. 2)the English version hasn’t been “officially” released yet. 3)Gabe Lopez is the main producer for “Varsity Fanclub” and is also the composer/producer of the song.  Sharing, perhaps? 4)Sean Alexander who co-wrote the song posted on his myspace that he worked with Tae Yang on “HOT.” Also wikipedia. 5)Both Gabe Lopez and Sean Alexander have written/produced for other Korean artists such as Shinee and Dong Bang Shin Ki, so its not strange that they wrote one for Tae Yang.  6)They’re affiliated with Xperimental Music a Korean, LA-based music company.

죄인 (Prisoner) is arguably my favorite song from “HOT,” and fortunately this version didn’t kill it for me entirely.  But I’m not liking the English lyrics too much because it doesn’t do the song any justice.  The arrangement is elegant, but these lyrics are so trivial.  It’s dark and malicious,  but not in the same way Tae Yang’s version is.  The Korean lyrics express a much more troubling, conflicted, and complex emotion.  Check it out:

But more importantly, what do you think?