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[Interview] One, Two TAEYANG (F.ound Magazine July 2014)

One, Two

Editor: Seo Ok-Seon

Taeyang has released his second solo album . His first full album came out in 2010. The year has changed four times, and love has passed by once.

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How have you been?

Well, since last time? (Laughs)
Ah… I basically just worked on my album for the past four years.

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F.OUND Magazine – Full Interview with Taeyang

The last bits of the summer since two typhoons have swept, I met Taeyang. On the day of this interview, it was at 4 am that he just finished his practice with the band set to perform with him at his concert, at the end of September. He said he feels giddy because yesterday has carried on through the night to this morning, but he still had that same smile on his face. Because of the greedy curiosity about “his” story, I didn’t have a chance to ask Taeyang, who has been continuing group activities and solo activities for the past 4 years -, I just asked him the first question I thought of as soon as he sat down – what the biggest change after his solo debut in 2008 was?

Rest of the interview and more scans under the cut!
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