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09.08.14 KBS Ent. News – Taeyang & Daesung have ‘Strongest Idol Vocals’

KBS Entertainment news held a very important meeting regarding idol vocals (~lol) where they discussed…you guessed it….Idol vocals! Taeyang & Daesung were ranked among others as ‘idols possessing strong vocals’. Glad to see both Taeyang & Daesung up there. I think both have different voice qualities that make them strong singers. While Daesung has a great range and depth, Taeyang’s got a unique quality not to mention he can hit those high octave notes. While Daesung has always trained as a singer, it’s Taeyang’s singing ability that always surprised me, considering he was a rapper to begin with…..check it out. Also, ATY wishes Daesung a quick recovery!!

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Taeyang’s 2nd Mini-Album to be released in October!

“GD, Taeyang & Daesung Solo Album Relay Launch”

5 member idol group, Big Bang, will present a special project the second half of this year. Starting with G-Dragon, the leader as well as the producer within the team, TaeYang, and Daesung will present solo albums respectively.

Big Bang’s entertainment company on the 30th

YG Entertainment said, “Out of the Big Bang members, who are active in Japan right now, G-Dragon, TaeYang, and DaeSung will release solo albums continuously.”
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