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2NE1’s Minji & Park Bom choose Taeyang

2EN1’s member’s Minji & Park Bom both picked Taeyang as their favorite member from Big Bang when recently on KBS Cool FM. They each had to give the first letter of their favourite member. Park Bom responded with “Y” (ofcourse Young Bae) and Minji with “T” (Taeyang or TOP)…but she said very quickly “Tae Yang Sunbae”. Both CL and Dara chose G-dragon.

Starts at the 0:48 mark.

Video: shimillie0612 @ youtube

I find it interesting Minji picked Young Bae since the rumor was that she was GD’s most favourite “dong-sang” (younger sibling). I’m not surprised at CL’s choice, Park Bom’s make sense (I guess) and Dara..well I dont know what to say. I wish they’d gone into more of an explanation about why they like YB, but I probably wouldn’t understand it anyway ~lol.