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Taeyang cameos in CL’s 나쁜 기집애 (“The Baddest Female”) MV

Taeyang channels his inner hiphop Elvis in CL of 2ne1’s solo debut MV – the aptly named 나쁜 기집애 (“The Baddest Female”). (Which will probably eventually be nicknamed “GZB.”)
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[Fanfic] The Sweet Taste by Smitten

Some of you suggested in our last suggestion post that fan fics were something you wanted to see here, well, every few weeks, I will be posting some great Taeyang-centric fan fics that I have personally enjoyed! If you have a nack for writing and want to share some of your fan fics, please email them to me (sweetsorrow18@hotmail.com) and if you’ve never read a YB fan fic, try it out~

Our first fan fic is by Smitten called The Sweet Taste (thanks smitten for letting me post up this hilarious fic!)
Drop by the story on soompi

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Taeyang on KBS Cool FM with English Subs!+new pics

[Update] Download link for radio show – HERE
Some new pics of Bae + YG fam

Hey guys…finally got this completed and up for you~
The radio show was really cute, I like how comfortable Taeyang is around Hong Jin Kyung noona~
Have fun watching~!

Special thanks to Myokoon, Georgie & Patra – all of us worked  on this together – sub team AJA FIGHTING!

Parts 3 and 4 under the cut~~
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Taeyang Envies 2NE1’s Talents

Aww how cute~

TaeYang said, “Each member of 2NE1 is uniquely talented, which is enviable.”

Big Bang, which is a member of YG Entertainment, introduced their juniors, girl group 2NE1, with the CF and MV for Cyon’s Lollipop phone. In an interview with “Sol,” for his song, “Wedding Dress,” he mentioned each of the 2NE1 members and praised each for their talents.

“I envy Park Bom and her unique and outstanding voice,” he said, “Especially in their song, I Don’t Care, her voice is distinct and unique, and the chorus part which she sang is really good. Park Bom’s voice is popular even before her debut with the group, and her voice here lends a youthful tone to the song.”

After Park Bom, the group’s leader, CL, and the group’s maknae, Minzy were also praised, saying, “CL’s rap skills, plus Minzy’s dancing skills makes a song have sensual power.

“For live performances, I find that Park Sandara is funny and always has the best expressions,” he says of Dara, one of the group’s vocalists, “I get worried because she practices all night, but her hard work is worth it, because Dara’s expression on-stage, are the most wonderful.”

This year, TaeYang with the rest of Big Bang has been going back and forth from South Korea and Japan. Earlier this month, the group released their third Japanese single, “Let Me Hear Your Voice,” which topped the Oricon Daily Charts on the day of its release.

He later told about how he gets recognized in Japan already, “A lot of people in Japan recognize me when I walk down the streets. And always wearing my caps makes me more recognizable, I guess. We always have fun broadcasting in Japan. But because we are recognized already, we can’t go out as often as before. It has pros and cons really.

Big Bang would be moving between the two countries to participate in award ceremonies. On the 21st, TaeYang and Big Bang leader, G-Dragon would participate in Mnet Asian Musc Awards, or MAMA, and 26 days later, would fly back to Japan for Nihon TV’s Best Hits Song Festival

Cr: AP Reuters, contributed by mimi@yna.co.kr

Translated by: Belle @ 21evo, aka knucklepink


Sun & Sky
CREDIT: top-a-holic@soompi

So there’s a small rage over this “SUN&SKY” or “CLYB” coupling after the release of the “Lollipop” MV and videos.

It’s not uncommon for Big Bang fans or Kpop fans, in general, to take a small interaction between two artists and blow it up, and out of proportion at times. (ie WONDERBANG)  This time it’s between Youngbae and CL from 2NE1.

Match made in heaven?  Maybe: both got slick moves, have raw hip-hop running through their blood, and there’s definitely a little something-something between them in that .gif.   Good acting perhaps?

Love it or hate it?