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[ENG] Lexus LC x Taeyang: SO GOOD

The song title says it all.  Can’t wait for the next album….

Produced by 24, JoeRhee and YoungBae

It feels like it’s the first time. I am not used to it.
But it feels so right (ehh)
I like the feeling. I want to have you.
I am up all night thinking of you

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Taeyang’s Solo CF for CJ

The CJ Group recently came out with a series of corporate ads promoting their companies – which include CGV Multiplex, tvN and Mnet TV stations, VIPS foods and CJ One Credit Card among others- in cooperation with the YG Family. (See one of the first CFs here and a behind the scenes look of the filming  here.)

As part of the series, CJ also came out with a 30 second version of the CF with YB as a solo.

Taeyang’s ad was singled out in some recent press releases.

“The concept was to have each singer sing in a restaurant or shopping mall, etc.  The circumstance could have made it difficult for the singers to focus, but Big Bang’s Taeyang showed off a fantastic improvised dance and changed the concept of the CF.”  – Sports Hankooki
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Taeyang with the YG Family for CJ CF

Looks like things are heating up for the Big Bang comeback on February 24.  Apart from the solo activities of the members, they’ve been starting to increase the number of CFs and all the related interviews that go along with it.  YG Family, along with the Superstar K finalists, recently shot a series of promos for CJ which was featured by Mnet Wide news. See Taeyang being interviewed starting at 1:35.

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