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[ENG] Lexus LC x Taeyang: SO GOOD

The song title says it all.  Can’t wait for the next album….

Produced by 24, JoeRhee and YoungBae

It feels like it’s the first time. I am not used to it.
But it feels so right (ehh)
I like the feeling. I want to have you.
I am up all night thinking of you

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Taeyang’s Solo CF for CJ

The CJ Group recently came out with a series of corporate ads promoting their companies – which include CGV Multiplex, tvN and Mnet TV stations, VIPS foods and CJ One Credit Card among others- in cooperation with the YG Family. (See one of the first CFs here and a behind the scenes look of the filming  here.)

As part of the series, CJ also came out with a 30 second version of the CF with YB as a solo.

Taeyang’s ad was singled out in some recent press releases.

“The concept was to have each singer sing in a restaurant or shopping mall, etc.  The circumstance could have made it difficult for the singers to focus, but Big Bang’s Taeyang showed off a fantastic improvised dance and changed the concept of the CF.”  – Sports Hankooki
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