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Taeyang wins at the Melon Music Awards (141113)

Congratulations to our ever humble superstar Taeyang for winning Song of the Year and being a Top 10 winner at the 2015 Melon Music Awards for “Eyes Nose Lips”!  (ENL was also nominated for Best R&B/Soul song; which was won by Fly to the Sky’s “You You You”.)

Taeyang had a special performance of Body and ENL at the event. Video beneath the cut!
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Mnet Wide 100 – Stars ‘Lines’ You Want to Steal, Taeyang #12

Taeyang was ranked #12 by Mnet viewers as being one of the stars “lines” that people want to steal. I believe this is referring to his body line ~lol well, if you ask my opinion he’s #1 =)

Translation of the clip provided by the lovely myokoon! Thanks.

The guests were Supreme Team and Taeyang was highly praised by them.

Simon D : I envy him most in the world.
E-Sens : He’s fairly fine.
Simon D : The best. The best.
Park Jiyun : You wanna be like Taeyang?
Simon D: Yes. I feel he has the supreme body.
Park Juyun : You could be like that if you exercise just a little.
Simon D: We should excercise about 3 years. It’s not easy.

E-sens : Not only the body, but also he properly expresses the feel of black music. From his debut, I think that I wanna work with him some time. He’s fine.
Simon D : I wanna learn his exercise method.

Park Juyu : Who was most impressive?
E-sens : Personally, first of all, we go to the same beauty shop with BigBang & 2NE1. I saw Taeyang once. I can’t forget him. He has the image of a musician I usually imagine and was great as expected in reality.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Tae Yang collaborate with Supreme Team.  More about them under the cut.

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