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Solar on MBC FM4U’s “Blue Night”: Music Commentary 9 (130112)

From MBC FM4U’ s radio program Blue Night, hosted by Jung Yeop from Brown Eyed Soul along with the singer Nine9 from Dear Cloud.

 Blue Night is a daily evening music program that runs a special segment on Saturdays called Music commentary 9 .  The hosts introduce recommended albums and play all the tracks.   One feature they do is to arrange the key words about the memories, feeling and vibes that they get from the music and then make a sentence about it. The program has featured the following artists recently: Nine9, Yoo Jae Ha, Deulgukhwa, Lee Sora, Rollacoaster, Stevie Wonder, Lee Moon Sae, Jung Yeop, Yoon Sang and Strange People. 

[Note: The full songs were not included in this recording to shorten the upload. ]


Nine9 :   I am really excited for today’s album.

Jung Yeop :  Me too. As usual, I haven’t mentioned anything about what today’s album is.  I’m looking forward to what kind of beautiful sentence will be made this week again. Oh could you introduce today’s album first, Ms. Nine?

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