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Oh the Emotion!+ Debut on Japan’s MezaMashi

Sure we’re a site devoted to Bae but we love our Big Bang fix now and then, especially when they release something new! Big Bang’s been in Japan for a while now promoting themselves and just released their new song “Emotion”…..in case you haven’t listen to it yet:

C: BBSKViCassie @ youtube

So what y’all think? Did you feel the “Emotion”? When I first listened to it, I immediately thought of “Po-po-po-POKER FACE”. Yup Lady Gaga, but further searching has revealed that RedOne (Lady Gaga’s producer) has made this song. Therefore, everything is excused…..NOT. As a producer, I think you need to diversify..did he really think cause it’s international no one would notice? Either way, I’m not feeling too hot about this song but I’m hoping it’ll grow on me.

I think Taeyang sounds VERY good (~lol) and I love Daesung’s voice, it sounds so nice to the ears.

Well if you didn’t enjoy the song, you’ll definately enjoy this. =)

here & here

[Discussion] In the ARENA: fashion & photography

We’re trying something new so hope you all participate and tell us what you think.

Personally, photography is an art form I find very difficult to appreciate.  After the release of Big Bang’s Arena+ photos, I couldn’t help but wonder what’s the difference between the acclaimed Terry Richardson and the photographer who took my senior picture in high school, besides having better looking prolific subjects.  But this is not my point.

Although this is not the first time, Big Bang is all glammed up in some fashion spread, for some reason I still found these photos surprising, although the initial shock ended quickly.  We all know Big Bang is one of the more fashionable, trendy groups in Kpop.  G-Dragon has be claimed to be a little “Fashionista” and “Most Influential Person in Fashion” and if this is true, it’s quite unfortunate.  I guess to be considered fashionable is to wear raunchy “advante garde” clothing and sport some hairstyle that makes people think you’re on the borderline of crazy.  But fashion and style is self-expression of the individual too right?

So obviously my inspiration for this post was Big Bang’s photoshoot for ‘Arena’ by the acclaimed Terry Richardson.  My verdict?  Because I’m terribly biased, Youngbae looks devilishly adorable, TOP comes sexy, and the other three are forgettable.

Tae Yang being sexy? Terry Richardson not needed.

What are you thoughts on these photos?  On Youngbae’s photo?  Find them sexy?  Or just a little weird?  What are your thoughts on fashion?  On Big Bang’s fashion?  On photography? On Youngbae’s style?  Agree or disagree with me?

I know this is a load of questions.  If you don’t really care about these photos, tell us what you wore today.  Go nuts.

YB/TaeYang Interview: Nylon Korea, September 2008

This is my translated version of YB/TaeYang’s interview with Nylon Korea:

A Portrait of Youth
Nakata’s firm face showing his physical strength and the tension he feels. The shyness and awkwardness we see in the designer Tom Brown’s boys. The innocent physical soundness we encounter in Bruce Webber’s pictures. Wearing his jeans as low as he possibly could, TaeYang had a face showing a mixture of vanity and naïveté that were typical of a young man of his age.

Photos: YunSuk Mu
Interview by: JiUn Nah
Translated by: pgeorgie

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My Lollipop Project Report by Oing

This is my translated version of an excerpt from “My Lollipop Project Report” posted by Oing on his/her blog. He (or she?) was one of the ad agency people who were responsible for the Lollipop project. I translated this because YG, Teddy and more importantly our YB/Taeyang were mentioned in a rather flattering manner:


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Lollipop CF Making~ (& MV!)

This was too cute not to post…..
Bae and CL seem really comfortable…i love seeing him laughing and joking around

[EDIT]And the official Music Video:

A really cute and enjoyable collaboration between the two groups.  Tae Yang wins in this video! Tight dancing as always, but the song doesn’t do Tae Yang’s voice much justice.  Heck, the song doesn’t do any of them any justice.  Fun nonetheless.  And Tae Yang has a solo cut with the girls. LOL.  YG knows how to mess with us putting the girl-shy member with all the girls.