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Taeyang at Cyon B-boy Championship 2009


So the boys, including our lovely YB, were at the annula Cyon B-Boy Championships held in Seoul recently. The boys performed for about 8 minutes, including their popular songs “Sunset Glow” and “Lies”. Its astonishing to see how crazy Korean Big Bang fans are since BB fans purchased over 50% of the tickets available for the show (since BB sang for only 8 mins, I’d be kinda mad if I wanted to go see just the dancing but couldn’t get tickets cause of Big Bang fans XD) Anyway, maybe I’d be just as crazy as them to get a glimpse of any of the boys (preferabbly YB ~lol). I hope he had a good time seeing some great dancing and enjoying the atmosphere…we all know how much he likes to dance.

Lies fancam

More pics of Bae….

Check out some battles under the post…

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