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Details about RISE (Japan Version)

The Japan version of RISE is also Taeyang’s (SOL’s) formal solo debut in the Japan market, hence it will be released in a special edition  bundled with both HOT and Solar.  The album will be released on August 13, 2014.

Click HERE to listen to song samples. There are different versions for the RISE [+SOLAR & HOT] release:

  1. 2CD + DVD (+42page Photobook) (Available through YesAsia, CD Japan,  HMV )

RISE Japan with DVD

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YG’s last “From YG” letter, mentions Taeyang’s album

So, personally, I would have hoped for a little something more, considering this is the LAST “From YG” letter Mr.YG has decided he would be doing. He will not being doing these “statements/updates” anymore due to the misunderstandings that tend to arise with them (ie. promising Taeyang fans an album and then the massive delay that has followed). Anyway, here’s the snippet where YG speaks about Taeyang’s album…..

Plans for YG Singers’ Album Releases
As all you fans will know, we predict the album activity of YG singers to be busier this year than any other previous years, but for the last few months it is true that there has been a lot of delay due to the moving of company buildings.
Though I can’t give exact periods for album releases, in the first half of the year we plan to release the albums of Se7en, Taeyang, Gummy and 2NE1, while in the second half, from summer to the end of the year, Big Bang’s domestic activities as well as a new 2NE1 album and solo activities of TOP, Daesung and Seungri are to be expected.

You can read the full letter here

What do you guys think, is it fair Taeyang is going to be releasing with other YG artists and big comeback names in Kpop? Should Taeyang have released earlier as intended?

Taeyang TV coming soon+Free GD album+Pictures!

Ahhh……get excited cause…..

Taeyang TV is coming soon!
YG recently revealed (and I think we had a tip in here as well) that all the members will be getting their own segments on Big Bang TV. You know what that means….a full segment (and maybe more than 1) on Taeyang! Woot, our prayers have been answered (okay, partially, they’ll fully be answered with this album, but pshh let me enjoy the moment..:P). Anyway, something awesome to look forward too!

“On stage, nobody can imitate his super-charisma, but offstage, he is a smiling angel! If you want to be melted by TaeYang’s mini album, TaeYang’s abdominal muscles, and TaeYang’s smile, watch TaeYang TV right now”

Credit: rudo & DAEnaya @theREALiVIPSUBS for translation

Look under the post for a chance to win GD’s “Heartbreaker” Album as well as some new YB pics!
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And Tae Yang to the rescue…

In the midst of all these recent disappointments (referring to Tae Yang’s feature in GD’s album and Brave Brothers), Tae Yang comes and saves the day with “Stay” from Big Bang’s 1st Japanese album.  I was a afraid Big Bang would screw up this song too, but it’s a beautiful song, but it really speaks for itself.


Reasons why I love this song:

  • Tae Yang:  Goodness, his voice in this song is perfection.
  • Daesung:  Always appreciated him, and now even more so.
  • Piano! Piano!
  • Seungri wasn’t too bad either.
  • Very little G-Dragon and TOP.

Now I want a Daesung and Tae Yang collaboration soooo bad.

FYI: If you’re unhappy with Big Bang’s recent music and the overdose on the autotune, this album is not gonna help.  And as you guessed it “Love Club” is pretty funny, but their English isn’t half bad.  “Stay” is really the only one that deems it worth downloading.

Commence with the spazzing.

Big Bang’s “Bringing You Love” Previews Released!

Lots of previews for Big Bang’s upcoming Japanese album “Bringing You Love”…. What do you guys think!?

I’m really anticipating this song off their album, mainly because this clip really showcases Taeyang’s voice (minus autotune!!!). He sound’s really good, lovin’ the beat and sounds really “emotional”.

Rest of the previews below.
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Oh the Emotion!+ Debut on Japan’s MezaMashi

Sure we’re a site devoted to Bae but we love our Big Bang fix now and then, especially when they release something new! Big Bang’s been in Japan for a while now promoting themselves and just released their new song “Emotion”…..in case you haven’t listen to it yet:

C: BBSKViCassie @ youtube

So what y’all think? Did you feel the “Emotion”? When I first listened to it, I immediately thought of “Po-po-po-POKER FACE”. Yup Lady Gaga, but further searching has revealed that RedOne (Lady Gaga’s producer) has made this song. Therefore, everything is excused…..NOT. As a producer, I think you need to diversify..did he really think cause it’s international no one would notice? Either way, I’m not feeling too hot about this song but I’m hoping it’ll grow on me.

I think Taeyang sounds VERY good (~lol) and I love Daesung’s voice, it sounds so nice to the ears.

Well if you didn’t enjoy the song, you’ll definately enjoy this. =)

here & here

“Taeyang” added to YG site+Caffelatte Clips

New TaeYang second activities will come find you...
"New TaeYang second activities will come find you..."

So this definately wasn’t around before (or atleast I never saw it)
YG entertianment officially added Taeyang’s subpage to its website….. here is a link to the site (http://www.ygbigbang.com/taeyang/)

There isn’t anything on it yet except a picture of Taeyang and the following words:
                          “New TaeYang second activities will come find you.”

What the heck is YG doing?? Don’t get me wrong, I am uber excited to hear anything about his solo activities but I thought we had it settled….GD’s album in August and Bae’s album after (probably not till 2010)…so what’s all this? Maybe not a big deal, or maybe something else?….You decide =)

 Click More for some Bae cuteness from the making of Caffelatte CF
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