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[Fan Encounter] YB Spotted in a Japanese Restaurant with Teddy, Kush and Lovely Miss Aimee

A lucky fan wrote about her chance encounter with our YB and posted it on YBEffect on May 3, 2009. I found it very amusing and translated it to share with you. Of course I would’ve acted differently if it had been me – I would’ve had a heart attack seeing both Teddy and YB in one place, hahaha. FYI, the “HongDae District” is one of the hot spots in Seoul, Korea. Lots of trendy restaurants & happening clubs where you can hear great indie bands play. It’s also not far from the YGE office:


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YB new project in May!? (updated msg from Aimee Lucas)

Sooo… a little birdie over at the YG secret (iMonTOP) has found out from Aimee that her & Shaun are back in Korea….
They are there to work with the girls…BUT…..
What project is it? New album? Single? OH THE POSSIBILITIES!
I’m waiting on permission from iMonTOP there, since she specifically has requested for it not to be posted anywhere else but I was too happy, I had to post here…i’ll post up Aimee’s msg as soon as I get the signal!

Here’s the message from Aimee to iMonTOP at TYGS – please do not post anywhere else!!
shaun and i will be focused on the girls at this time. yg has many projects lined up and i believe lyle and shaun will be doing tae yang’s project in may. big bang leaves for japan in june and july. and the girls are doing a photo shoot this weekend. hopefully, their title song will be done soon and we can shoot the mv. i like their music a lot!

TOP is back from japan and recording. he has played with a few songs with Teddy and [B]even wrote one for the girls. plus his hair is different. i’ll let him know. talk to soon.