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Clips of Shaun & Lyle teaching WUA & WD

These are fantastic. Taeyang is a fabulous dancer but seeing Shaun and Lyle dancing the choreography they created is something else and check out  Aimee dancing Wedding Dress with DooBoo and Mandu (Taeyang’s other backup dancers)

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Yet another interview with the lovely Aimee

Kanauru just released another interview of Ms. Aimee Lee Lucus.  Though I haven’t watched it, I got a tip that she talks about Tae Yang a lot in this video.  Does she reveal any juicy info?  See for yourself!

(C)Kanauru Productions

Make sure you subscribe to them.  Kanauru is in collaboration with Shaun Evaristo and his new company “Movement Lifestyle.”  If you’re fans of both their work, be on the lookout for good stuff coming out soon.

To Richard/Qui/Kanauru (‘cus they visit!) : Nice set.  You guys are pro.

Another chat with Aimee Lucas =)

Looks like Aimee is doing interviews left right and center….well YAY for us, cause she’s mentioned Taeyang again!

Heres an exerpt of her conversation with Lyna from What’s Within Lyna
You can check out the entire conversation here
Thanks toYarg for the tip~
*note: the interview is chat style, so its informal

Lyna        : Why do I feel jealous? Hehehe… So, ‘Macho’, dog of Kush is ‘Boss’ brother?

Aimee     : yup!

Aimee     : Boss is awesome I saw him as a baby then a year later and his size matches his big heart.

Aimee     : They say “a dog is a man’s bestfriend” and I believe Boss is Tae Yang’s bestfriend!

Lyna        : There has been news lately about Taeyang wanting to have a girlfriend. Is there anyone whom you’d like to recommend to be his gf? And, why?
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An Interview with Aimee Lee Lucas~

The awesomely talented and gorgeous Aimee Lee Lucas sits down with Qui from Kanauru Productions for a candid interview on her work with Big Bang, Taeyang and the rest of YG FamBam~!

I don’t know about ya’ll but I’m a huge fan of hers (and extremely jealous ~!). Down to earth and funny, the interview was fun to watch and I hope she reaches even greater heights with her talent 🙂

Follow-Up video:

^^Lots of Tae Yang love here!

Credit: Kanauru Production, Richard & Qui

D-4: Four more days!~~

LOL. So I couldn’t think of a more interesting title for today BUT I have got some interesting new for y’all 🙂

Exclusive to ATY’ers!
My lovely source from Korea (myokoon) has given me some juicy news – Fans saw some staff and 2NE1 shooting at a Catholic church recently. In it, Sandara Park was wearing a wedding dress for the shoot. YB fans are speculating this is for Taeyang’s video because although Aimee did say she was at the end of the WUA video, she also stated she is not sure whether she will be in the rest of the music video (see her twitter here) . The other idea is that this is for Park Bom’s new solo music video.

– Please credit/link us if you take this news elsewhere!

^ Take it as it has been given to me, but my guess is this might just be for Taeyang’s music video. I think its for his music video because I don’t see YG reusing the same idea twice (the same concept for both Bom and Taeyang) but then again, YG is very unpredictable and it could be entirely different thing all together. Time will tell whether it’ll be Sandara, Aimee or someone else altogether!

Some news from Japan – Big Bang will be featured in a Japanese magazine “ChouChou” to be released October 22/2009. In it the members talk about their ideal “date” planned out. Hmmm, I want to hear Taeyang’s idea of a perfect date cause mine consists of him & me locked up in a room for a couple of days. *must stop naughty thoughts~lol*
Thanks Yuko for update!

As for DAY 4
I want to share four awesome covers/parodies so far for WUA –

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