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Taeyang, Official Composing Debut With “Where U At”

Big Bang’s Taeyang made his first mark as a composer.

On the 15th, according to Taeyang’s management YG Entertainment, Taeyang, in a year and 5 months, [is back with] his fans with his digital single “Where U At.”

The music video, which was released at 11:00 that day, and the song, “Where U At,” was co-composed by Teddy and Taeyang with the story of imagining and longing for a future partner who could be living anywhere in the world.

Especially because Taeyang himself took part in the composing, the response is that he let his style be seen more clearly.

Source: Jet@ygworld.net

I’m quite ecstatic that he co-composed this song.  A very strong and promising start.  He had clear vision and executed it perfectly.  This should shut all the people up who say he’s too produced and doesn’t really take any part in his music.  Congrats Youngbae!  I’m really looking forward to what else he has left inside of his little sexy self.

*EDIT – new 20+ WHERE U AT animations added

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– Kay

07.30.09 – Interview with Teddy Park

This article is similar to the previous article on YG-producer-extraordinaire, Teddy Park, but it focuses a little more on Teddy and his works.   It mentions Tae Yang just a little bit, but it’s not something we don’t already know.  Maybe some of you will be interested and plus I have a major crush on Teddy right now.  ^_^

teddypark1He has changed from an idol group member 11 years ago to now, a famous producer that the whole music industry has set their eyes on. However, the praises and expectations of the people around him are still awkward. It’s because he thinks that he still has a lot of things left to do, and he himself is just a person that likes music. Also, instead of him coming forth himself, it comes more naturally to him to be behind people that have bright futures. This is the story of 1TYM’s Teddy (31, Park Hong Joon).

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Teddy, “I Was Going to go to Michael Jackson’s London Performance”


Famous producer Teddy, with 1TYM origin, showed his high expectations for Big Bang’s Taeyang.

Teddy was entrusted with producing Taeyang’s first solo mini album released last May fully, and composed the title song “Look Only At Me.” Also, he is now in the mist of working on Taeyang’s second solo album. Taeyang’s new solo album is due to be released in October.

Teddy, in an interview with Money Today Star News in the afternoon of the 27th, said, “Because Taeyang was a YG Entertainment trainee since elementary school, I watched him ever since he was really little. Even though he’s nearly 10 years younger than me, I have a lot to follow in his example in many areas including music.”

Also, he said, “Taeyang is really thorough with his self management to the point that there’s almost no difference between when he was a trainee or now, that he’s a star. Because there were these kinds of effort and self-restraint, he has been able to achieve his current abilities in singing and dancing.”

In addition to this, Teddy told, “Presently, I have finished about 8 songs that will go in Taeyang’s new solo album. It hasn’t been fully decided whether to release this as a minialbum or a full-length album.”

Teddy also revealed his original promise to go watch Michael Jackson’s London comeback performance which was set to be held in the middle of this month with Taeyang.

Teddy revealed, Taeyang and I, are in all aspects, fans of the greatest singer Michael Jackson. I promised to go watch Michael Jackson’s London performance with Taeyang to do some research on various areas, but I was heartbroken at Michael Jackson’s sudden death.” He added, “Taeyang, who was in Japan at the time, was also very sad at the news that his idol, Michael Jackson, had taken his last breath.”

Credit: Starnews
Translation: Jet@ygworld.net

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Tae Yang & Teddy Overload

Forget GDYB!  I’m in love with Tae Yang & Teddy!  Just wanted to share my favorite part from the YG Live episode.  I don’t think I’ll ever stop gushing over this moment.

"OMO! What's wrong with your face?"
"OMO! What's wrong with your face?"
Tae Yang: "Yep..Yep"
"Come here, you."
"The Best!"
"Don't f*ck with him."
"Hah hah..."
"Don't f*ck with him."
"Don't f*ck with him."
"He's gonna take over."
"He's gonna take over."

Watch out Korea and the rest of the world, the man has spoken.  Teddy, I’m holding you accountable for the words you have spoken.  I expect only world domination.

C: mercury@518% & BBVIPZ

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Blast from the Past – Featuring Tae Yang

For old-time sake, here’s a blast from the past with all the songs and performances Tae Yang was featured in.  Be prepared; this is a super long post!  Enjoy!

Featured music: imeem playlist

1.  RUN by Se7en ft. G-Dragon and YB Taekwon (Tae Yang)

2.  Give Me Permission by Se7en ft. YB Taekwon

3.  Get Up (Intro) by Lexy ft. Tae Yang

4.  RUSH by Lexy ft. Tae Yang

5.  Super Fly by Lexy ft. Tae Yang, G-Dragon, and TOP

6.  I Should’ve Loved You Less by Kim Johan ft. Tae Yang

7.  Real Talk by YMGA ft. Tae Yang

Featured MV:

A-Yo by JinuSean

The MV that started it all.  It’s such a fun MV to watch.  I just noticed how the Lil’Sean (played by Youngbae) in the MV is very much like the real Youngbae.  Loved music, loved hip-hop and then randomly picked up my Mr. YG.

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