U Got it Bad – Tae Yang Cover

its been a while since i’ve posted…so thought I’d begin this post with my absolute fav cover of Usher’s U Got it Bad by Mr. Dong Young Bae

I know this blog hasnt been too up-too-date and its due to my slacking. Unfortuately, I’m going to get even more busier with school. I’ll try and keep up, and if you’re interested in doing updates let me know.

Also, I will fix the chatbox as soon as I get some time.


Meebo Me added =)

so i’ve spent some time trying to figure out this whole wordpress thing and found meebo me…it lets me add a chatbox to our wonderful blog!!! I’m super stoked about this *grins* but I don’t know how much of it actually works and whether visitors can post or not. So please, use it and let me know!! (post here)

Oh…and make sure you hit “edit nickname” so you don’t show up as “guest #####”

~woo hoo…go me go me….LOL….oh and i almost forgot… I’d like to welcome Tofu and Monica as contributors to the blog…I’m going to get uber busy with school so i’m hoping you two keep this blog alive and kicking =)  Thanks!

I want to thank everyone visiting this blog and posting – its loads of encouragment to keep it going and silent lurkers..please don’t be shy! I promise this blog will get better….soon! Just bear with me =)

Open Discussion – SBS Gayo “Piano Battle”

Tae Yang performing “Sweetest Love”

– I wanted to share the video first before opening the discussion….only cause it surrounds the so called “Piano Battle”. Personally, I’m really hoping it doesnt turn out to be a full out battle. There enough fanwar war between DBSK and BB that now SBS decided to start this whole “battle”. I’m split two ways on this whole thing. I’m excited to see the battle because I play the piano myself and love to see other talented pianists show their skills, also I really want to see how technical they get with this whole battle and really, how good is YB? But on the other side, I really dont want to see the comparisons of who was better and who wasn’t. In the end, its going to happen, just want to see what people’s views are on this thing.

It’s an open discussion – anything is welcome…the good, the bad and the weird (~lol)

Fansite dedicated to Mr. Dong Young Bae aka. Tae Yang