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Taeyang and Teddy featured in Chris Brown’s “Art Style” Webisode!

Taeyang with his homeboy Teddy (YGE producer) were recently seen in Chris Brown’s webisode about style. He’s at 3:33.
This was shot during Taeyang’s 2 week stay in the US where he traveled from LA to Vegas to New York.  What does it mean that Taeyang and Teddy were meeting up with Chris Brown and his people, not to mention rumors of Teddy meeting up with producer Swizz Beatz? No one knows what this is about.

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Entertainment Weekly ranks SOLAR #3

In September Taeyang had a 2 day concert to celebrate the end of SOLAR promotions.

cr: Bigbangupdates and DCYB for the video

From the fancams and fanaccounts we could tell it was an amazing concert and it seems we are not the only ones. Entertainment Magazine listed SOLAR concert as the 3rd best concert of the year. Psy’s concert was #1 and DJ Doc’s at #2.

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Taeyang at the YG family Concert – Day 2


The 2nd day of the YG Family concert followed the 1st one pretty closely in terms of schedule. We had Taeyang being a team player again and he performed 1Tym’s HOT Ddeu Geo with GD, Top and Se7en and also 1TYM’s One Love with Gummy, Se7en and Dara where he took on the role of a rapper and he did We Are The World with the whole YG family. Outside of these special performances he performed Lies, HaruHaru, Heaven, GaraGaraGo, Last Farewell and Hands Up with his Big Bang bandmates.

Here are some fancams

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Taeyang at the YG Family Concert – Day 1

No solos so far – looks like Taeyang was a team player for the YG Family Concert. Aside from his performances with Big Bang (who reportedly performed Lies, HaruHaru, Heaven, GaraGaraGo, Last Farewell and Hands Up according to some early concertgoer reports), his main performances were joint stages with GD,Top and Se7en on 1Tym’s HOT Ddeu Geo and with Gummy, Se7en and Dara on 1Tym’s One Love. It’s the return of rapper Taeyang!

Some goodies from the first concert day:

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MAMA 2010: Fancams + Fan Account!

As you guys all know Taeyang did an epic performance on MAMA on Sunday Nov. 28th.  We already posted the broadcast version of his performance but since that night all the lucky fans who got to be there have been uploading fancam after fancam and even a few fanaccounts. Here is the night from those who were there.


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Throwback: ‘HOT’ Concert

As we all know, Taeyang will be holding his 2nd solo concert this weekend.  I don’t know about you, but I’m super stoked even if it’s just to watch fancams. From what information is available, I think I’m gonna enjoy it already: 90% live band, Taeyang, and IU. (keke) My only request this that (YG/YB make sure you read this) there be a DVD with all the performances and loads of Behind-The-Scenes, in which case, the cameraman be better paid than he was last time.  Camera work last time just plain sucked.  I don’t think this is too much to ask.

And there seems to be a lot of questions regarding the concert being streamed live on Youtube.  Unfortunately, I will have to advise everyone to not put your hopes on it because 1)TIME originally wrote that his concert “will be streamed” on youtube, but then later changed it to “might be streamed” instead. Bad reporting? 2)YGE has not officially announced anything about the matter.  So I’m almost certain it won’t happen.

On to more happier stuff…To countdown Taeyang’s ‘SOLAR’ concert, I just wanted to share with everyone my favorite performances from ‘HOT.’  Of course, post yours in the comments!

There is seriously nothing I don’t love about this song and performance.  When the previous article talked about Taeyang’s “artistry,” this is it.  The performance was intricate, by no means “big”, but incredibly electrifying.

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