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Big Bang Big Show – Bae Fancam Love.

Big Bang. Big Show = Epic.

My post isnt dedicated to all the Fancams out there – theres like a bajillion. But i want to collect all the YB ones, if possible (~tee hee). So if you’ve got link…post em & i’ll add them to this list.

This is my most fav (at the moment)
Geeze, the girl is HECKA lucky….sigh.

^ screw the panda. Hold onto YB and don’t let go girl!
credit – ilovebigbangforever @ youtube
Super Upclose YB cam  ~Oh my BABYYYYYYYY…..

credit – ilovebigbangforever @ youtube


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I’m “HOT” for you Pt. 2

So, ya’ll voted for the clip the you wanted to see from Tae Yang’s “HOT” Concert DVD and I’ve kept my promise.  There was a tie between “My Girl” and “Make Love.”  I had a  hard time deciding which one to upload,  so I finally came up with the brilliant idea of uploading one onto Dailymotion for ya’ll to stream and one to download.   Since “My Girl” was leading the entire time, that performance will be for download.  But before we start downloading, here are certain things to keep in mind:

+Like sweetsorrow, I’m making this a Always Tae Yang Exclusive. Please do not redistribute.  Link here.
+This is for personal watching.  Please do not re-upload. If you must, since I can’t really do anything to you, please at least credit. (tofu&alwaystaeyang.wordpress)
+My only intention is to promote Tae Yang’s Concert DVD.  I hope the clip will encourage you to buy it.  Yesasia. DVDHeaven.

Make Love ft. Kush

My Girl at “HOT” Concert [.wmv file, 119 MB, HQ]
Credits: YG Entertainment & tofu@alwaystaeyang.wordpress

*Download has been also added to the Goodies section*

Carpe Diem Pictures + Download Link for Dance Battle!!

Because I love you so…..
[HD Quality] Tae Yang – Fallin Out & Freeze Download Link in MP4 format
Click Me
^this is exclusive to AT only…please don’t share, link back here!
~I’m working on MP3 format for WMP – but if u have Quicktime or Itunes the above download should be viewable!
Oh…and this works on your Ipod too!

[MQ Quality] for Windows Media Player (MP3 format)
Click Me

-Enjoy ladies *wink*
Kay =)

^ all this can also be found in the Goodies section

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I’m “HOT” for you.

So I have this gut feeling that my “HOT” Concert DVD will be arriving tomorrow or at least very soon.  It’s always been my intention to upload one of the performances for ya’ll since I understand some of us aren’t willing to or just can’t spend $50 for the package.  I didn’t watch the clips uploaded on youtube (apparently they’re deleted anyways) so I just wanted to know which part of the concert ya’ll wanted to see.  I’m not making any promises right now because I don’t know how I’ll do it.  And in light of exams all next week, I don’t know when I’ll be able to upload either.  But for now, vote for your choice, and I’ll try to deliver. Continue reading I’m “HOT” for you.

Which is your favourite?

It’s been a slow weekend, with not much BB or YB news *tear*. Like everyone else, im waiting for the Dance Battle (~woot) but since there hasnt been anything new, I figured I’d post up something fun.
Which picture is your favourite picture of  Tae Yang?
It can be from anywhere…from his oh-so-ghetto Taekwon days to the sexy solo moments.
Pick some and post your links!
Oh and do explain WHY they’re your fav =)


^ need I explain?

^ Because Boss & Bae are just made for each other ~lol
seriously, Boss is such a superstar and Bae loves him so much
I want to be Boss – in this picture.

^ the moment’s are rare, but when he does pull a cute moment its worth capturing
I screen capped this one from the How Gee making..
he looks like such a kid here lol..i love it when he makes that face

Tae Yang Solo Concert DVD

Check out the Gallery under “Fan art” for some good stuff =)

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links to DVD cuts from his solo concert….*squeal!!!*

Always Remix

^oh my gee…how i want to be on that stage with him!
HIS HAT…he gave away his HAT….*cries* and then the rapping – *faints*
seriously, is there a man more sexier than him…

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Tae Yang vs. Seung-Ri? [Update] Goodbye Meebo, Hello Talkinator

So I sniffed a bit of news in the air that Tae Yang and Seung-Ri will be having a dance battle on some MBC show in the next week.  I’m think the 25th, but I’m not 100% sure.  Actually, I’m not even 50% sure.  I used Google to translate the article, but I can still get the gist of it all.

For those interested, here’s the link: Tae Yang vs Seung-Ri via BBVIPZ
Mind helping us out a bit?

[UPDATE] Here’s the translated article:

Big Bang TaeYang and SeungRi will be having a dance battle on one of MBC’s lunar new year special programs ‘Star Dance Battle’ on 25th January.

On the same show Oh Jung Tae, Jeon Hwan Kyu, Shin Dong Soo and Kim Kyung Jin will team up as one team battling against another team consisting of Kim Jung Geun, Jeon Jong Hwan, Heo Il Hoo, Kim Na ParkJin and Seo In Ye.

Also the parody done by announced Oh Sang Jin on TaeYang’s ‘Look Only At Me’ will be revealed on ‘2009 Singer King’ on 27th January.

Aiiigoo.  Another “Look Only At Me” parody.  All of a sudden I’m bitter that Tae Yang and this song didn’t win any awards.
My favorite parody up-to-date:

It wasn’t long ago that we were discussing and comparing Seung-Ri to Tae Yang.

it’s goodbye to meebo…and hello to talkinator…
as you may have noticed, theres a new tab at the top “CHAT”
yes, its another one of my attempts to get a chatbox in here….so give it a far as i know, it retains previous messages as well as lets u navigate to other pages….lets hope it works better. For now, i can’t find it’s widget so I can’t add it on the side, it’ll have to be on a seperate tab but try it and let me know how it is!

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Pain & Broken Hearts


[COD] Tae Yang & Boss
Credit: ybeffect

So I’m being a bad girl and did some snooping around at DCYB and I found a clip of Youngbae’s performance of “Cracks of my Broken Heart” on the concert DVD.

Watch here:
You need flash player and a lot of patience to watch.

Breathtaking performance.  It felt like he was singing by himself, for himself.  It’s great.

Also watch:

I can’t wait for my copy of the DVD to come in the mail.  I shouldn’t be watching, but I can’t help it.  ^_^


I found another clip from the DVD.  I’m trying very hard to resist the temptation to watch because my DVD hopefully comes next week.  Its like when the album first came out.  I didn’t listen until I had the CD in hand.  It was well worth the wait.

Watch: “My Girl
We all know we have to brace ourselves for this performance. Tell me about it because I didn’t let myself watch it.