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YB/Taeyang Interview: Elle Korea September 2008 Issue

This is my translated version of Elle Korea’s interview with Big Bang from last September. I said “interview with Big Bang” but, as usual, I translated only YB/Taeyang’s part =). Since this is my first post here, I welcome any comments/suggestions. Thanks!


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Big Bang Q&A Excerpt from Bromide Magazine

Source – Georgie’s Blog
Translations by pgeorgie
Big Bang Talks About Their Past, Present and Future

Time flies so fast. They’ve grown from boys to men, from fresh newcomers to the country’s top “idol” stars. We got curious what we have missed during that time period because we’ve been just watching them, mesmerized by their “perfect” charm. So we asked, “What are you thinking now?” And they gave us honest answers.
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Taeyang at S&B Eyecenter…

This is a really cute message from some fangirls (or boys) who worked at the office where Bae got his LASIK eye surgery done (~when’d he do that?)…..shows just how sweet Mr.Dong Young Bae is…..don’t worry Bae, when I become an optometrist, i’ll move to Korea and we can both take care of your eyes together ~tee hee.

On a side note….who want’s to see Bae in a sexy pair of glasses!?!?! ~

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Blast from the Past – 2007 Interview

I was looking at some older posts and found this rather amusing…actually the question about the cap was what really got me (~lol)…anywayz this is an older interview (in 2007) that made me all nostalgic since Bae has come a longggg way from then…he answers questions about his solo that are kind of interesting now that the solo is actually out and done with (the first album atleast)…..

Q1. How did you feel when you heard about your solo album? what type of genre do you want to put in your solo album?

= The solo album was actually suppose to come out past september. when it was first brought up i was really worried. i believed in myself a lot. bigbang’s minialbum became a huge hit so i think my solo will coming out beg. of next year. I promise not to cause trouble for bigbang because of my solo album. I want mostly R&B and hip hop in my solo album.

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