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Mnet 100 Idols – Tae Yang #15!

[UPDATE] Awesome Fancam of “Look Only At Me” at Big Show has been added to the Fancam post..check it out!

we all know that Tae Yang is NUMBER ONE in our hearts but #15 ain’t so bad either 🙂  he got into the top 20…

the other rankings
GD – #1 (~yay)
TOP – #4
DS – #11
SR – #31

credit: chauCNN @ youtube

Question of the Day:
What do you like Tae Yang the best in?
a. Jeans and White Shirt
b. Sweat pants and a sweat shirt
c. A wife beater and jeans
d. His outfit from his Look Only at Me perfs (the milary style jackets)
e. Him in his Balgucia jackets (Sunset Glow performances)
f. None ( = with nothing on) lol…

Click More for some more Big Show pics of Bae
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How to Watch Tae Yang’s Concert DVD.

Off of Bangs, an obvious gimmick to maintain fangirls, but Im loving it.
Off of "Bangs," an obvious gimmick to maintain fangirls, but I'm loving it. CREDIT: BBFansite

The title of this post is a little insulting, no?  But, I’m not assuming that you’re all knuckleheads.  This is a boring and dry post, but if you’re having trouble watching Tae Yang’s concert DVD or is concerned about it before buying, hopefully this might be worth your time.

This is just instructions on how to breech Tae Yang’s Concert DVD Region 3 restrictions.  The DVD probably won’t work unless you have a all-region DVD player.  I suggest watching the DVD via a desktop or laptop.  I’m a PC, so the instructions will work best for PCs, but probably will be the same for MACs, I’m not sure.

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