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AT’s BurstDay Project Updates & Vote for Quotes

So our lovely Kay with the help or ybfosho&luvmusiq put together the sweetest T-Shirt design for Alway’s Tae Yang first birthday gift for Youngbae.  Check it out!

Its Sun or Tae Yang in 19 different languages.
(reversed for printing purposes) It's "Sun" or "Tae Yang" in 19 different languages.


If you still want to send Tae Yang a birthday message, you have approximately two days left to do so.  The deadline is Tuesday May 12th @ 11:59pm.  We cannot accept any more messages beyond that.

♦Message cannot be longer than 150 words.
♦Include your name (either real or blog name)
♦Location (optional-be specific or not specific as you want)
♦Email to

If you have sent Kay with your message, but are missing some pieces of information, please shoot her another email with the additional information.  There is no need to resend the message.  It’s imperative that we have some sort of name.

Thanks to all of those who have participated and will.  We’re super excited. Everything is falling into place with everyone’s help and ideas.  Once everything is completed, pictures of the final product will be posted, so look forward to that.  In addition, to the picture we’re going to also have a quote on the back of the T-Shirt and we need your help deciding which quote to go with. Here’s what’s up:

1.  “Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.”  By Ludwig van Beethoven

2. “To dream anything that you want to dream. That’s the beauty of the human mind. To do anything that you want to do. That is the strength of the human will. To trust yourself to test your limits. That is the courage to succeed” By Bernard Edmonds

3.   From the novel “After Dark” by Haruki Murakami:  “You send the music deep enough into your heart so that it makes your body undergo a kind of physical shift, and simultaneously the listener’s body also undergoes the same kind of physical shift. It’s giving birth to that kind of shared state.”

Please help us decide!

Blog Additions+ Yb’s Birthday Present

~helloooo everyone. Kay here =P (isn’t the eye candy above yum?)
It’s been a while since I’ve posted something related to the blog directly, I figured I’d give a little update on some ongoing things about the blog and about YB’s upcoming burstday…

First off, I just wanna congratulates ourselves…April 25th was the blog’s 6 month anniversary (~woot). Thanks to everyone who visits, posts and contributes to the awesome discussions (and fangirling) we do here. A blog is nothing without it’s bloggers….even the silent ones (yes, you!). I hope this blog grows into a community of YB fans and not only this, but we’re hoping to make it into an archive of YB’s work as well =)
Special thanks to my girl Tofu ~

New additions to the blog… we go:
We’re on Twitter! (~check out the side bar under the chatroom), so you can now follow AT on twitter
Click Here

You can also subscribe to AT’s youtube account! We’ll be uploading english subbed videos there, so make sure to check it out – the link will be added on the side as well.
Click Here

As you may have noticed, we’ve got this little button on the right side of the blog

If you haven’t already checked it out, its a neat little site that allows all of BB’s sites to be gathered, ranked and voted.
Last I checked, AT is ranked at #21 (isn’t that awesome!) out of all the sites on the list.
Reminder: You can vote once a day!

That’s it for blog details…for now. Feel free to email me about any of these.
Now onto YB’s Burstday Project – Click More.

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YTN Star News – Taeyang At Wolverine Premier

Taeyang at the Wolverine Premier looking mighty fine.
I’d stalk movie theaters for him, take the paper box that he ate popcorn with, rummage through garbage for his soft drink cup, probably even take a picture with the guy who ripped his ticket stub, if I were in Korea….
Unfortunately, I am not…. =(

Anyone seen it yet??? How was it?? Opinions without spoilers please =)
I’m not an action buff, but I can’t help and support Daniel (Daniel Henney from My Name is Kim Sam Soon) – lol.

Lyle Beniga choreographing for Taeyang’s new song? (update)

SOOOO……found out that Lyle Beniga is working on Taeyang’s choreo for his new album.
Twitter is love. It was on his Twitter (thanks to snl072 @soompi)
Lyles Twitter Entry
Lyle's Twitter Entry

Your thinking….Who’s Lyle Beniga?  Me too. So I go off to youtube the guy and find out he’s HECKA AWESOME.
Seriously…..i think my jaw dropped for a second……i’m a FAN. lol
Therefore……Shaun + Lyle = lethal combination ….. i cannot wait for Taeyang’s new album ( have i said this already?)
Some background…..
Lyle’s has already worked with Taiwanese star “Vanness” and Korea’s “Shim Mina”. He’s trained in locking, popping, b-boying and house and has done work with some american artists (ie. Hillary Duff)…..anyways this sounds tight..

Check out some of his choreographed stuff….more under the post

One thing I love about Lyle’s moves is they’re sharp, quick and clean. Shuan’s differs in that he’s very smooth and fluid, with Lyle I noticed his moves have alot more impact and “punch”. There are probably more techincal terms for this but I’m not a dance major so i’ll stick with….”THAT WAS SICK” ~lol

Btw AT-er’s….reminder for YB’s Birthday Project on the side…if you plan to participate then you can email it to me or make an account over at Taeyang Heaven and post it there ~they’re hosting the event =)

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Sun & Sky
CREDIT: top-a-holic@soompi

So there’s a small rage over this “SUN&SKY” or “CLYB” coupling after the release of the “Lollipop” MV and videos.

It’s not uncommon for Big Bang fans or Kpop fans, in general, to take a small interaction between two artists and blow it up, and out of proportion at times. (ie WONDERBANG)  This time it’s between Youngbae and CL from 2NE1.

Match made in heaven?  Maybe: both got slick moves, have raw hip-hop running through their blood, and there’s definitely a little something-something between them in that .gif.   Good acting perhaps?

Love it or hate it?

YB new project in May!? (updated msg from Aimee Lucas)

Sooo… a little birdie over at the YG secret (iMonTOP) has found out from Aimee that her & Shaun are back in Korea….
They are there to work with the girls…BUT…..
What project is it? New album? Single? OH THE POSSIBILITIES!
I’m waiting on permission from iMonTOP there, since she specifically has requested for it not to be posted anywhere else but I was too happy, I had to post here…i’ll post up Aimee’s msg as soon as I get the signal!

Here’s the message from Aimee to iMonTOP at TYGS – please do not post anywhere else!!
shaun and i will be focused on the girls at this time. yg has many projects lined up and i believe lyle and shaun will be doing tae yang’s project in may. big bang leaves for japan in june and july. and the girls are doing a photo shoot this weekend. hopefully, their title song will be done soon and we can shoot the mv. i like their music a lot!

TOP is back from japan and recording. he has played with a few songs with Teddy and [B]even wrote one for the girls. plus his hair is different. i’ll let him know. talk to soon.


Lolli Lolli Lollipop….

^he loooks adorable…..seriously
so im rather interested in this new female group…apparently its official, they’re called “SISTA”  “21”
as requested by bb’s roni ~heres the new CF….im looking forward to something fresh from these girls, although Sandara’s hair was a bit too fresh for my taste…~lol

^btw…Bae has literally 1 millisecs of screen time alone…WHY!?
~forgive me, im bitter about BB these days…~Lol

you can listen to the full song here
Big Bang & 21 – Lollipop

Tae Yang @ 6th Korean Music Awards

The 6th Korean Music Awards were held last night where Tae Yang was honored with 2 awards: Best R&B/Soul Album and Best R&B/Soul Song. Nominations and winners for this award were judged and based on musical accomplishment and value, not album sales and popularity.

Although he couldn’t make it to the show, Tae Yang did express his gratitude and appreciation with a video:

Thanks to elaisvip@youtube.

According to my google-translate-journalism, Tae Yang was the only “idol” to win an award at the show.  His album was praised by the judging panel for it’s respect and faith to mainstream American R&B music, also carrying with it sheer honesty in it’s lyrics (I’m assuming) and approach.  Tae Yang was very sad that he couldn’t attend the show because “this award meant a lot to me.”

Seriously, we need a translator.

Best R&B/Soul Album & Song!

This title is self-explanatory, right?

Congratulations to Tae Yang, winner of Korean Music Award’s Best R&B/Soul Album and Song.

Dubbed the “Grammys” of Korea, and up against major and well-established artists, this is such an honor and a proud moment for him.  Tae Yang was scheduled to attend and perform at the ceremony tonight, but due to some budgeting problems, the award show is postponed to March 12th.  Unfortunately, due to prior plans, he won’t be attending.  I’m guessing he’ll be in the US with G-Dragon during this time.

It’s a little sad that the one time Tae Yang gets to celebrate something phenomenal, he can’t.  Well, we’re celebrating for you.

Disclaimer: This again is my google-translate-journalism.