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Taeyang’s LOAM Practice Video

cr: 518mercuri on youtube

Wow, this brings back memories. This is pretty much the song, and the accompanying dance, that launched Taeyang’s official solo career and his biggest hit in South Korea. You can spot Shaun helping YB out and I think I spot Jae too. On another note, while LOAM is one of my all time favorite YB songs what I really want is for YG to hook a sister up with a copy of that remix.

For those who haven’t heard the remix (where have you guys been at?), have a listen, I’ve posted it under the cut~
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Movement Lifestyle – Adventures with YG Ent. Episode 1

A while back we had posted up two awesome accounts of trips taken by Richard and Qui to YG Entertainment, where they got to meet Taeyang and the rest of the YG family and also filmed for Movement Lifestyle. Well, they’ve finally cut the wait short and release the first episode of their trip to Korea. Featured in this video is the beginning of their trip, interview with Keone Madrid and some other fun footage inside YG building!

Cr: MovementLifestyle
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Longer Preview of “Connection” & “I’ll Be There” English MV

After hearing the preview of “Connection” yesterday, I’ve been itching to hear the whole song. This longer preview gives us the beginning of the song and I’m impressed. LOVE IT!

Listen to longer preview of Wedding Dress (English) HERE

Also released, “I’ll Be There” english music video! I don’t know if its because of the autotune or simply his pronouciation, but again, took me a couple listens to figure out the lyrics. The english is definately improving though, just clarity needs some work

FYI: Tae Yang 1st Full Album YG FAMILY # SUMMER EVENT!

This is for those who bought Taeyang’s album…either DELUXE or STANDARD Edition!  You have to have a YG e-shop account to participate!  Good luck everyone.

Confirm YG FAMILY NUMBER, and participate in SUMMER EVENT

– Tae Yang First Full Album YG FAMILY NUMBER Confirmation 2ND SUMMER EVENT?

Tae Yang First Full Album [SOLAR] Normal Edition / Deluxe Edition Purchasers within July 1st ~ 31st

Participants will be confirmed members, and Tae Yang will personally select the winner!

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Kanauru Adventures with YG Ent in Korea!

As some of you know, fellow ATY-er Qui and Richard joined Shaun Evaristo in Korea, this past month, to document the lifestyle of choreographers. They just released a preview to their upcoming documentary series where they’ll reveal how it is working with big names in YG ent and their trip~ (subscribe to MovementLifestyle and kanauru for updates!).

➡ And..Check out, through Qui’s words, what it was like meeting Taeyang below the cut! (Thanks Qui!)
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07.10.10 – Taeyang’s 2nd performance on Music Core

First some goodies for all of you:  downloads of a couple of the recent performances!  Thanks to the good  people at YBMania & me for the reuplaod.

No G-Dragon today.  Jeans + sneaks = happy.

I think overall his performances are improving.  His vocals are much more controlled considering how nimble this song requires him to be.  Along with the intricate choreography, Taeyang keeps proving to us how professional and what a perfectionist he is.

Full ‘SOLAR’ album is now on iTunes! — #1 in Canada, #3 in US!

Taeyang make #1 on iTUNES chart in Canada : R&B/SOUL albums!

Yay for iTunes. SOLAR is officially up there, so go and BUY IT people!  Seems like Korean fans are estatic like us. He is currently #2 on Canadian R&B iTune charts and #16 4 in the US! It’s so big, even the Korean media reported it HERE
Also, as a treat, Pandabobo has more Taeyang paper dolls out~!!! So check em out, I think this is the best yet! HERE
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