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[Fanfiction] Rumor Has It …

My friend (going to call her CJ as an alias) had the chance to attend a party recently. She originally didn’t want me to post this but I thought this was something fans should see. We compromised and I can only show you the most tame of the pictures and I can’t tell you everything that went down but I managed to convince her to let me show something. I mean we have a right to know who Taeyang really is, right? We’re fans, we buy his albums and I think we should know the real man under the Chrome Hearts sweater.

Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.


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[Fanfic] The Sweet Taste by Smitten

Some of you suggested in our last suggestion post that fan fics were something you wanted to see here, well, every few weeks, I will be posting some great Taeyang-centric fan fics that I have personally enjoyed! If you have a nack for writing and want to share some of your fan fics, please email them to me ( and if you’ve never read a YB fan fic, try it out~

Our first fan fic is by Smitten called The Sweet Taste (thanks smitten for letting me post up this hilarious fic!)
Drop by the story on soompi

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