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[Eng Subbed]Interviews on YDH Love Letter & Madame B’s Salon

Brought to you by our lovely Patra and pgeorgie! Please give them some love.

These are from the period Tae Yang was promoting his solo album last summer.  Just an interesting fact: Yoon Do Hyun is a big fan of Youngbae and he’s the lead singer of a rock band called “Yoon Do Hyun Band,” usually short-handed “YB.”  An awesome coincidence or what?

Yoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter Interview and “Look At Me” Performance

Madame B’s Salon Interview and “Baby, I’m Sorry” Performance

^^Youngbae’s voice in this interview is fangirl worthy.

[Translated by pgeorgie]
[Typesetting/Encoding/Upload: patra86]
[Video credit: Mnet/hqbb@LJ]

KMA Acceptance Speech Subbed =)

Always Taeyang’s first ever subbed video is here!
I’m proud to post this video up because its my first ever piece of subbing work I’ve done. After going through numerous tutorial, help forums and endless searching for videos….I have finally subbed this.

thanks to pgeorgie – who has signed on to volunteer translating for AT. She provided the translations for the video….so thank you to her!

*Please excuse any mistakes….i’ve tried to make the subs as exact with his words as I could with my limited knowledge of Korean…but you get what he’s basically trying to say. Also, this was the best video quality I could find…after going through subbing, video’s tend to lose alot of their quality…and this one was a LQ fancam to begin with….

credit – sweetsorrow18 @ youtube & Always Taeyang