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YG ON AIR Episode 5 (eng subbed ) 110527

Episode 5 of  YG On Air.  This is the full episode including 2NE1’s performance of “Lonely.” The Big Bang cut starts at 5:37 – and it includes a little glimpse of Taeyang’s birthday celebration during the Love & Hope concert last May 18 in Nagoya.

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[Eng Subs] Interview – Taeyang’s Guerrilla Date!

*Update = Eng Subbed Video
I swear, I have never seen Taeyang talk so much and with such energy and enthusiasm.

The best part of this clip was seeing the foreign fan!  Its totally awesome that she knows ALL of his music.  And ahhhhh! We get to hear him speak English.  From the little bits, it looks like he is quite good.  He was able to respond to the fan’s question.  I’m impressed though it doesn’t surprise me.  We international fans freak out whenever we him speak English…even if it’s just for a bit. 😀  Youngbae, get your butt over here now!

I’m disappointed I didn’t get to see the fanboy hug. 😛

[Eng subs] Real Sound – Chapter 4: Charisma on the Floor

Onstyle really saved the best for last, this last episode brings to a wrap, what has been a treat for all us Taeyang fans. A glimpse into the man of mystery, I think we’ve all gotten a chance to learn more about Mr.Sunshine, and this last episode is really the most fun and interesting~ Enjoy. Big THANK YOU to Sylvia for diligently working on the translations for this entire series and Patra, for helping me encode and typeset 🙂

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