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Taeyang solo album slump, ‘Is Big Bang losing their touch?’

Please, take everything with a grain of salt – This is only one perspective from one writer. I post for the sake of discussion.

‘Is Big Bang losing their touch?’

A member of the group Big Bang, Taeyang’s recently released song ‘I Need a Girl’ is not doing so well. While they had swept first place on music charts with ‘Lies’ and ‘Last Farewell’ in 2007, ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Sunset Glow’ in 2008, now it’s almost as if Big Bang’s grandness can no longer be felt.
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What’s your favorite track?

Yes the most generic question, but a very important one.  It seems like we’re all across the board in terms what we think is the best track is off of Taeyang’s new “SOLAR” album.  Did “You’re My” pull your heart-strings?  Did “MOVE” or “Break Down” make you move more? Vote!

*I’m evil.  I’m making you pick only one. keke.  Pick the one you’re feeling the most at the moment.

What’s mine?  Read under the cut…if you even care. lol. Plus English translations for the track!

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D4: Round 3 & lets talk about change!

Yesterday’s question and answer for our album giveaway:

What is Taeyang’s best international fansite?

Answer: Always Taeyang

 My goal was to give everyone at least 1 entry into the drawing so I hope the answer to this question was obvious enough…even if you didn’t agree with it.  (lol)

Today’s question is a little tough.  For those who have followed ATY for quite awhile it might be a little easier.  I left a hint so please don’t jump the gun, and do some research before answering.


From the 3 previews of Taeyang’s album we’ve heard, it’s pretty obvious that Taeyang and his music has changed since the last time we’ve heard from him. There has been some really interesting and insightful comments regarding this change and transformation, so I’m going to open it up even further.  I’m curious of what your thoughts are on Taeyang’s new music.  It also seems like the reaction also depends on when and how you heard about Taeyang so please comment on that as well.  Or if this is not interesting, tell us what kind of music you’re expecting or wanting from this album.  Don’t just say R&B, because well duhhh.  Have fun.

[Discussion] Your ideal duet…Taeyang & ?

Oh my, how long has it been since we’ve had one of these (lol). Being a Jay Sean fan myself and having followed him for years (yes, wayyy before he made it BIG) as well as, him being Indian like me, I thought to myself how awesome it would be for both of them to do a duet together. Personally, I think they both have a similar style that would make their pair compliment each. Not to mention, both are absolutely gorgeous!

So my question to you is – Who would you want Taeyang to duet with? And why?

There have been cross-over duets in Kpop before – most recently Brian (From Fly to the Sky) & Jason Derulo “In my Head” and 4 Minute & Amerie “Heard ‘Em All” and although I haven’t been a big fan of them, they have garnered a lot of interest.

So, who would you choose?

On the current state of YB’s 2nd album

I previously stated Tae Yang’s album was rescheduled for the 2nd half of the year.  This is terribly wrong.  I’ve checked with our translator and it turns out Youngbae was referring to Big Bang’s Korean album not his own solo album.  So we still know nothing about the release of his album.  Sorry for throwing you all into a frenzy with the incorrect information.  *Bows to you a thousands times.*  Sorry, and it won’t happen again!  (I hope…)

Thanks S and Georgie for setting things straight. 
Tofu (*throws peace sign and a cheesy smile*)
P.S. Now I feel all crunchy.

Before anything begins, I apologize for the all the negativity in this post, but I’m sure I speak for most of the Tae Yang fandom when I say that current state of Youngbae is pitiful and a little more.  In a recent article on Seung-Ri’s first time in the subway, we got a little news bite on TY’s 2nd album, which is now re-scheduled for the 2nd half of the year.  Ohhh my bad! 

So why is it pitiful?  Well, remember when we were expecting it to be in October/November?  Instead two singles were released, which was great, but remember the kind of half-assed promotions?  Tae Yang flying between Japan and Korea?  Big Band and solo activities at the same time?  I wasn’t frustrated with the situation until Youngabe himself spoke out about it in his GQ interview, but at this point I’m feeling sorry for the boy because obviously he’s not top on YGE’s priority list.   What’s next?  A Korean album in the works?  I can’t help but feel anxious and worried for Youngbae because I know he’s probably getting impatient himself. 
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Feature: Personal Thoughts about Dong Young Bae’s vocals and its potentials

I read this DCYB post much earlier, but for some reason, it didn’t resonate to me as much as it did tonight.  I revisited it during my occasional rampage through DCYB (because they have oh-so-many goodies there) and it hit me real hard.  I found myself agree to everything – seems as though most Tae Yang fans are drawn to him for the same reasons because these are the exact reasons I was.  This was written right after the release of Big Bang’s 1st mini album. (so, 2006) It’s quite amazing how much expectations/hopes the author had for Youngbae and even more so, how he managed to fulfill them.  After the release of Tae Yang’s solo album, these are the exact same points so many other artists/musicians say about Tae Yang: “I think he is the first Korean musician who did justice to R&B/soul music,” said Tablo of Epik High, or “TaeYang’s vocals shine only with the raw feel originating from his determination to sing the words in a manner that is true to his self,” said GQ Korea.

Read & tell us what you think or took away.

So without any further ado:

Personal Thoughts about Dong Young Bae’s vocals and its potentials by 정화누나

I wrote earlier that after listening to Big Bang’s 3rd album, I felt as if Dong Young Bae was not acknowledged of his full potential. I did not continue any further, because I wanted to find a solid evidence to actually sit down and write something about it. I’ve been searching for “the clue” ever since (and thus waited for their 1st album).

My belief is that we should continue our already heated discussions about Dong Young Bae. As the guy who wrote below me pointed out, I think it is pretty safe for us to anticipate a sensational, new kind of a vocalist in the Korean music industry. Why? Is it because he sounds like a black person? No. We should all agree that we’ve had long, exhaustive discussions pertaining to this particular subject matter.

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[Discussion]Just a sample: Is originality really dead?

The spark of inspiration for this post comes from allkpop’s recent article regarding Tae Yang’s “Prayer” being a “remake,” which still bothers and irks me every time I think of it.  (I’ll leave it at that, but if you’re curious why ask me!) But it isn’t the only source of inspiration, but a collective of articles and comments I’ve read since being immersed in Kpop.

^^No reason but because YB is hot.

There seems to be a strong emphasis in the Kpop culture, especially among the netizens (Internet-fanbases) , on originality.  Artists are quickly and easily criticized when sampling or remaking a song, not to mention when their song just reminds listeners of another song.  But before we begin, lets define some terms:

Sampling: According to wikipedia, sampling is “the act of taking a portion, or sample, of one sound recording and reusing it as an instrument or a different sound recording of a song.” In other words, a small portion of a song is recycled in another piece of music.  Examples would be Dong Bang Shin Ki’s “Triangle” sampling Mozart’s famous 4oth Symphony, or Big Bang’s “Crazy Dog” sampling one of Seo Taji & Boy’s song.

Remaking/Covering: Remaking is as simple as it sounds.  A remake/cover is another version or “rendition” of a song or piece.  This usually means adding some sort of twist such as new lyrics or a different arrangement of the earlier version.  An example would be Big Bang’s “Sunset Glow,” a remake of Lee Moon Sae’s “Red Sunset” (which, as a matter of fact, has been covered various times).

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[Discussion] In the ARENA: fashion & photography

We’re trying something new so hope you all participate and tell us what you think.

Personally, photography is an art form I find very difficult to appreciate.  After the release of Big Bang’s Arena+ photos, I couldn’t help but wonder what’s the difference between the acclaimed Terry Richardson and the photographer who took my senior picture in high school, besides having better looking prolific subjects.  But this is not my point.

Although this is not the first time, Big Bang is all glammed up in some fashion spread, for some reason I still found these photos surprising, although the initial shock ended quickly.  We all know Big Bang is one of the more fashionable, trendy groups in Kpop.  G-Dragon has be claimed to be a little “Fashionista” and “Most Influential Person in Fashion” and if this is true, it’s quite unfortunate.  I guess to be considered fashionable is to wear raunchy “advante garde” clothing and sport some hairstyle that makes people think you’re on the borderline of crazy.  But fashion and style is self-expression of the individual too right?

So obviously my inspiration for this post was Big Bang’s photoshoot for ‘Arena’ by the acclaimed Terry Richardson.  My verdict?  Because I’m terribly biased, Youngbae looks devilishly adorable, TOP comes sexy, and the other three are forgettable.

Tae Yang being sexy? Terry Richardson not needed.

What are you thoughts on these photos?  On Youngbae’s photo?  Find them sexy?  Or just a little weird?  What are your thoughts on fashion?  On Big Bang’s fashion?  On photography? On Youngbae’s style?  Agree or disagree with me?

I know this is a load of questions.  If you don’t really care about these photos, tell us what you wore today.  Go nuts.