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Post’s on some of Taeyang’s older videos from his Pre-debut Taekwon days and earlier debut days….

[Blast from Past] Taeyang & Ji Eun – Something in Common

A Blast from the Past courtsey of blogger Francis who sent in a link to this video featuring Taeyang & Kim Ji Eun doing a cover of Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston’s “Something in Common”. I really like this duet, it reminds of their cover of “I Hate that I Love You”. Kim Ji Eun is uber talented and YB’s soothing voice is awesome in this song.


C: vietxkathyy

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Oh Ma Baby, I Should’ve Loved You Less

This post is a shout out to Jquest, who’s been bothering (j/k!) me about the english translation of Tae Yang’s duet with Kim Johan “I Should’ve Loved You Less.”  And alas!  I have found it:

CREDIT: AIShinLove2@youtube

I loved this song and now I love it even more.  The lyrics are beautiful!  It reminds me of Tae Yang’s “Sinner” and “Look Only at Me.”  The lyrics at first come off as very selfish and kind of horrible (” Should have loved you just a little…”), but it stems from deep and honest love.

And on the same channel:

Why?  Because it’s one of my favorite songs from Big Bang and I love Youngbae’s parts, down to the ad-libs.  Enjoy.

“I love you, man!”: GDYB Thanking Each Other on a Radio Program

This is when Big Bang was on a radio program called “Chin Chin (Close Friends).” The DJ’s are Jung-Rin Cho and Kang In (of Super Junior). Patra’s working on the subbing of this video and you will be able to see the subbed version on youtube soon I believe. In the mean time, you can read what they say to each other below (so touching…):

Click Read more for translations.

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Bust a move!

Honestly, it took me longer to come up with a title than to write the post.  Seriously.

As always, share if you have better videos!

A great compilation’s of clips of Tae Yang’s dancing from a large number of performances from early Big Bang days.  Tae Yang is this giant blob of energy that is waiting to get out, but he releases it in random pockets.  He literally “busts a move” when ever the music gets turned on.  Really randomly.  Big Bang will be performing and he’s off in some corner doing his thing.  Solo artist at  heart.

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Another blast from the past…

There’s  not much to update so here are my personal favorite videos of Tae Yang.  It’s always so interesting to watch all these old videos to see how far he has gotten.  As much as I loved his mini-album, I secretly wish he would go back to singing like this.  Especially with all of Big Bang’s techno/electronic music forcing him to do falsettos and straining his vocals to sing things it wasn’t meant to, I really hope his 2nd solo album will be straight up R&B/hip-hop.

Beware, post is youtube heavy!  Enjoy & share your favorite videos!

You are so beautiful:

How he sang this song is just perfect.

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Blast from the Past – 2007 Interview

I was looking at some older posts and found this rather amusing…actually the question about the cap was what really got me (~lol)…anywayz this is an older interview (in 2007) that made me all nostalgic since Bae has come a longggg way from then…he answers questions about his solo that are kind of interesting now that the solo is actually out and done with (the first album atleast)…..

Q1. How did you feel when you heard about your solo album? what type of genre do you want to put in your solo album?

= The solo album was actually suppose to come out past september. when it was first brought up i was really worried. i believed in myself a lot. bigbang’s minialbum became a huge hit so i think my solo will coming out beg. of next year. I promise not to cause trouble for bigbang because of my solo album. I want mostly R&B and hip hop in my solo album.

Source –

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Blast from the Past – Featuring Tae Yang

For old-time sake, here’s a blast from the past with all the songs and performances Tae Yang was featured in.  Be prepared; this is a super long post!  Enjoy!

Featured music: imeem playlist

1.  RUN by Se7en ft. G-Dragon and YB Taekwon (Tae Yang)

2.  Give Me Permission by Se7en ft. YB Taekwon

3.  Get Up (Intro) by Lexy ft. Tae Yang

4.  RUSH by Lexy ft. Tae Yang

5.  Super Fly by Lexy ft. Tae Yang, G-Dragon, and TOP

6.  I Should’ve Loved You Less by Kim Johan ft. Tae Yang

7.  Real Talk by YMGA ft. Tae Yang

Featured MV:

A-Yo by JinuSean

The MV that started it all.  It’s such a fun MV to watch.  I just noticed how the Lil’Sean (played by Youngbae) in the MV is very much like the real Youngbae.  Loved music, loved hip-hop and then randomly picked up my Mr. YG.

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