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Post’s on some of Taeyang’s older videos from his Pre-debut Taekwon days and earlier debut days….

[Discussion] Now and then: Big Show 2011 vs REAL Concert

Bluemaid and I were talking about how much Taeyang has changed over the years, not only musically but also personality wise and we thought that it would be a great conversation to expand to our fellow Taeyang fans.

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The Evolution of Tae Yang!

A quick post on a very lovely video – an impressive collection of his performances dating back to the early Big Bang days with his cornrows, saggy-pants and all.  As a long time fan, this brings back a lot of memories. 

& and finally a full performance of Big Bang’s “Stay” from the Big Show concert.  I don’t think I know a Tae Yang who doesn’t love this song.  SUNDAE for the win! 


[Blast from Past] YB Taekwon rapping for Swi.T

I recently found a video of our boy Taeyang (also known as “YB Taekwon” prior to his debut in Big Bang) rapping during a goodbye special stage with old school girl groups M.I.L.K and Swi.T. The latter was a former group that debuted under YG’s label and consisted of three female singers. SWI.T which stands for Song Will Tell released an album after which it suddenly disbanded.

Check out the clip….YB Taekwon appears around 7:2o


He looks really into rapping and it makes me wonder what might have been had YG not created Big Bang and instead debuted GDYB as a duo. Would YB still have been labeled the “shy and quiet” one of the duo? I can’t help but think that the reason his personality changed so much was because of the group. He let others take the forefront and took the role of the “shy charismatic main vocal”. Of course, I love Big Bang, although I can’t say I love each and every member equally, else I would not have created this blog, but I do admit each member brings something distinctly different to the group, giving it the identity it is today. Bringing me back to my point though, I do sometimes think what would have happened had GDYB debuted the way they were suppose to as a duo. Would GD have written most of the music? Would YB still be a rapper or would he have discovered his vocal talent? Would GDYB have broken up too quickly, moving YB into a solo artist and GD into producing sooner than the present? I don’t know……what do you guys think?

[Blast from Past] The Other End of the Line…

I know things are a little slow here at ATY these days, but hang on a while longer, YB’s solo is only a couple months away!! Anyway, here’s a little blast from the past…or not so past if you haven’t seen it.

This video is pretty old, when they were on Boom’s Fun Fun Radio. Each of the members randomly had a fan picked to be their girlfriend for a while (well except for Daesung who got a boy). Taeyang’s was real cute, the way he was all shy around the girl, really ADORKABLE and I loved how the rest of the members were going crazy ~lol. My favourite moment:

Girl : Sing a Song with my name in it
Tae: With your name? Oh Honey, what’s your name again? My mind’s blank right now…
Girls: How long have we been dating..Oh my.
Tae: ~hehe *blush*

Begins at 2:02


btw, “The Other End of the Line” was a terrible movie…~lol

So….what would you say if you received a phone call from Taeyang and your call could only last 30 seconds? (because your cell phone dies in exactly 30 seconds)

July 20th: ‘HOT’ Concert 1st Anniversary

Summer is the season for nostalgia since it was only one year ago Tae Yang debuted with his first solo album and concert.  A year ago, Tae Yang held his first solo concerts at the Melon AX for 4,000 lucky fans.  Tickets went for 44,000 ₩ but were sold out in merely 10 minutes causing some black market tickets to go up to a price of 400,000 ₩.  An incredible 10-fold of the original price.

Two concerts were held that night: one for minors and one catering to Tae Yang’s significant large number of older fans.  Special guests were Big Bang, Uhm Jung Hwa, and Mighty Mouth.  Kush rocked the stage with him for the performance of “Make Love.”  Shaun Evaristo, Tae Yang’s principle choreographer, and Aimee Lee Lucus flew in especially to perform for this concert.  But it was obvious the star of the night was Tae Yang.  It was his opportunity to show the world what he was made of and we loved it.  Besides his usual powerful, “hot” performances with intricate choreography, Tae Yang wow-ed us with his more sensible, soulful side and stunning vocals with unplugged and piano numbers.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and refresh ourselves: (I especially love the ending…)

C: intothesol@youtube

WATCH CONCERT DVD via YouTube (playlist)

If you haven’t done so, download:
HQ Audio of ‘HOT’ Concert courtesy of DSOUND@DCYB and Video of “Ma Girl” Performance courtesy of yours truly.

Which was your most memorable/favorite performance of the  night?

Walking on the Long Road: Young Bae’s Story

So, I was re-watching the Big Bang documentary last night and had a crying session after watching Young Bae/Taeyang’s episode of the documentary (I never remembered it being this sad T^T). Anyway, this episode was a real refresher and I was in awe of how much Bae has grown up, both physically, emotionally and mentally. His perseverance and strength throughout his trainee days has brought him to a place now where he shines the brightest. I wanted to share this with you guys, for those who haven’t seen i, definately watch it. Its a sad episode but he is undoubtly one of the hardest workers in Big Bang…


The rest of the parts are below.
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Ma Girl

No doubt, “Ma Girl” is the hottest song ever!  Although originally composed and performed by Filipino-Australian R&B artist, Israel, Tae Yang owns this song. From the vocals to choreography to overall performance, the boy takes it to a whole new level.  It’s like the song was written just for him.

Check out the original and Tae Yang’s version in Korean and Japanese.

“Ma Girl” MV (Youngbae’s first kiss!)

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