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UV Syndrome is Taeyang’s secret choreographer

And all this time we thought it was Shaun Evaristo! But, as it turns out Taeyang’s secret dance teacher is UV Syndrome.  Watch as he helps Taeyang perfect his choreography for “Look Only At Me” and “I need A Girl.”  I wonder if Shaun feels betrayed…

Oh my.  I was rolling – of the wall laughing from this.  UV Syndrome is a fake documentary done by two comedians. I’m not exactly sure what the premise is, but this episode claims that in fact UV Syndrome is Taeyang’s secret dance teacher.  YG himself even said that they are the best dancers in Korea!  YB said that UV is ashamed of him because they think is dancing is nothing to be proud of.  What a YB thing to say!

Taeyang, “I’m better at singing sad songs”

Whoa.  What a fantastic article.  Youngbae always surprises me with how eloquent and intelligent he is.  Maybe because he’s so shy and quiet, I forget he talks at all!  In this interview/article, YB responds to the compliments from the 21 critics who claimed that he would be the most successful as a solo artist among “idols” in Kpop.  As expected, his answers are humble yet sincere.

DongA Journal – chosen via a survey conducted among experts as “Best Idol” – BIGBANG’s Taeyang

When I entered Mnet’s Standby Room (on the afternoon of September 2), I saw BIGBANG’s Taeyang, who just woke up from his nap. Taeyang, who has just finished the recording for Cable Chanel Mnet’s “M! Count Down” is waiting for the live show to start. After releasing his first solo mini album in 2008, Taeyang revealed his first album ‘SOLAR’.
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IU and Taeyang are preparing a duet

I think it’s a terrible idea to leave me to update anything related to the IU/Taeyang fandom, because I’ll end up squealing & flapping my arms like an idiot.  I think I’m one of the few people who are genuinely excited for this and have no qualms with IU being a guest at Taeyang’s concert, no matter how jarring it is.  Fangirl, aside, she’s a legitimate artist – less “idol” than Taeyang is, if you know what I mean.    This article definitely gives me more reason to look forward to this collaboration.

This photo of IU...even makes a fangirl drool...

Taeyang, who is currently preparing for his concert Solar – set for the 25th and 26th of this month – stated in an interview today that IU would be a musical guest at his concert. He stated, “The only concert guest is IU. I invited her as a guest because I always appreciated her sincere approach to music.”

IU, a huge fan of Taeyang, is said to be preparing a special song for the concert, nothing from any of her own albums. She plans to perform live with a guitar, showing a side of herself that she’s unable to reveal regularly during broadcasts. The two are also said to be practicing for a duet. Fans of the two performers are probably curious about the outcome of their practice, as well as exactly how much Taeyang appreciates IU’s “sincere approach to music.”

Source: Hankooki + elliefilet at AKP + BigBang Updates

[Twitter]Updates from Twitterland


방송을 준비하면서 정신이 없어 미처 신경쓰지 못했습니다. 앞으로는 작은부분 하나하나 더 주의해서 이런일이 없도록 하겠습니다. 죄송합니다.

In his most recent tweet, Taeyang apologizes for wearing his Chrome Hearts tank that had “F*** You” written on the back.  Though its not a big deal to me personally, I’m glad Taeyang himself apologized for it because he would be getting press over this minor issue.  It’s a very Youngbae thing of him to do.

We also get a glimpse into YB’s preparation for his SOLAR concert as he rehearses:


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09.03.10 – Music Bank and Korean Broadcast Awards

Taeyang working twice as hard with two performances in one day.  Thank you for sharing the videos.  You’re rockstars.

First up Music Bank:

It almost made me shed a tear when I saw him in jeans again.  Now only if he would lose the shiny boots.  Taeyang sounds much  better in this performance than in the last two.  His voice came through the microphone clearer and with a fuller sound.

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Taeyang goes to Taiwan!

Errr not literally, but he was interviewed by V Channel (Taiwan right?) during a Music Bank performance of “I Need A Girl.”  Taeyang is truly taking it “international” and making his way to the rest of Asia.  In the clip, the reporter also introduces SOLAR Deluxe Edition.  I did not know Taeyang was popular or even known by the general public in Taiwan.

^^Just wanted to share since I know we have some Mandarin speaking readers! Thanks FatouYBVIP@twitter for tweeting!

Keep reading for interview translations!

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SOLAR – International Tops the Gaon Album Chart!

After Taeyang’s first winning moment for his new song ‘I’ll Be There’ – it has been revealed that his SOLAR [International Album] has topped this week’s Gaon Album Charts. Gaon Charts is Korea’s official chart ranking that compiles sales from legal downloads and digital sales.
Further more, his single ‘I’ll Be There’ has landed on the 16th slot, after increasing 33 slots this week.
Are iTunes sales included in this?  Another great piece of news for Taeyang fans!