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Tae Yang @ the Soul Concerts

It doesn’t get any better than this:

I think Tae Yang is getting the royal treatment here: he has three of the best vocalists in Korea covering not only his song, but also his choreography.  Park Hyo Shin, Wheesung, and Jung Yup sang “Look Only at Me” at the Soul Concert series around the end of the year. (2008)  There’s a lot, I mean a lot, of covers and parodies of this song, and this has got to be my favorite.   Great take on the song and incredible vocals.  Does Tae Yang and the song some justice.

It’ll be perfect if Tae Yang was to share a stage with these three.

More info about the singers and performance under the cut.

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Feature: DCYB Pt. 2

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Because a lot of readers expressed some interest in visiting DCYB’s site in my feature earlier, and because a lot of DCYB gallers visited our own blog recently, I decided it’s worthwhile to give some more information about this fanbase.

Good news: DCYB is now open for overseas fans.  It is not blocked off anymore!

dcyblogoDCYB’s site can be quite hard to navigate if you don’t know Korean.  There are countless posts in a day and some (most) don’t pertain to Youngbae.  Gallers talk about other issues like current events, and other Korean and international music too.  To my knowledge, users that are not Korean citizens will not be able to post anything because posting requires a Korean Social Security number.  All we can do is look and appreciate.

Tips on how to navigate the site and links of interest under the cut.

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Welcome to the Tae Yang Fandom!

I saw this in soompi and ybeffect and it made me smile.  Lets welcome two more inductees to the wonderful Tae Yang fandom:  vocalist IU and singer/dancer AJ.

Vocalist IU lists Tae Yang along with Gummy and Dong Gyun Ha as her "Friends" on her profile.*

New singer AJ explains why Tae Yang is one of his favorite artists, which also includes Usher and Omarion, on his profile.
New singer AJ explains why Tae Yang is one of his favorite artists, which also includes Usher and Omarion, on his profile: "He always amazes me. I am always amazed at how he can dance while singing like that." (translated by pegeorgie)

*Previously it was said that Tae Yang and Gummy were IU’s “Favorite Artists,” but they are actually her “Friends.”  Thanks pgeorgie for pointing that out.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Special thanks to ybeffect and rucca@soompi.

We know there’s others in the Tae Yang fandom who read our blog.  Show yourself!  We appreciate & love you all.  Please leave a comment!

More about the artists under the cut.

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HQ Audio of “HOT” Concert

As promised, here are high quality audio recordings of Tae Yang’s “HOT” concert.  Think of it as the unofficial live concert album.


♦You need WinRAR to unzip the files.
♦If re-distributing, please credit DSOUND@DCYB.  It’s not necessary to credit me since I just re-uploaded the files, unless you want to.
♦Find this and other good stuff in our “Goodies” section.

Feature: DC Young Bae Gallery

After chatting with Aims about this, I was inspired to provide some information about Tae Yang’s arguably strongest and most “hardcore” group of fans, DCYB. One of this blog’s resources is DCYB themselves, so we have to give them some love.   As a fan-community ourselves, it doesn’t hurt to learn more about the other ones out there.

DCYB is a large group of Tae Yang fans and strictly Tae Yang.   I use the word “hardcore” with much intention because it fully describes the degree of DCYB’s dedication, loyalty and the extent in which they will go to support Tae Yang – the solo artist.

♦They gave him a collection of over 1000 music albums placed inside a custom-designed locker, along with personalized surround-sound headphones.  They also give food (customized cakes & more!)

♦They keep an incredible archive of everything that is related to Youngbae from all of his radio performances, live performances, captured fancams, news articles, interviews, and even what other artists say about him.
♦They also present anyone who collaborates with Tae Yang with gifts.  Read Aimee Lucus‘s hilarious description:

dcybgift1off the subject, but YB, teddy, and kush got big pictures of me from a fan who took a picture of me fro the concert and blew it up and mailed it to them. i don’t know how they got it (mail i think) bu each of them have it in their room. YB has my head, teddy my torso, and kush my butt! LOL! long story, but mind you they are very big and round like tae yang’s album cover.

This is just a brief summary of the activities of DCYB.  They’re really strong and active.  Even Tae Yang is aware of them and left them a little message.  Read their history under the cut and check them out for yourself at*

*Note: Currently DCYB’s website is recently blocked off to any visitors from abroad. (Not from Korea)
**Please let us know if there were any inaccuracies in the description and portrayal of DCYB.  Of course, if you have any questions/concerns/information/additions, please leave a comment.
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Sun & Sky
CREDIT: top-a-holic@soompi

So there’s a small rage over this “SUN&SKY” or “CLYB” coupling after the release of the “Lollipop” MV and videos.

It’s not uncommon for Big Bang fans or Kpop fans, in general, to take a small interaction between two artists and blow it up, and out of proportion at times. (ie WONDERBANG)  This time it’s between Youngbae and CL from 2NE1.

Match made in heaven?  Maybe: both got slick moves, have raw hip-hop running through their blood, and there’s definitely a little something-something between them in that .gif.   Good acting perhaps?

Love it or hate it?

Bust a move!

Honestly, it took me longer to come up with a title than to write the post.  Seriously.

As always, share if you have better videos!

A great compilation’s of clips of Tae Yang’s dancing from a large number of performances from early Big Bang days.  Tae Yang is this giant blob of energy that is waiting to get out, but he releases it in random pockets.  He literally “busts a move” when ever the music gets turned on.  Really randomly.  Big Bang will be performing and he’s off in some corner doing his thing.  Solo artist at  heart.

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Another blast from the past…

There’s  not much to update so here are my personal favorite videos of Tae Yang.  It’s always so interesting to watch all these old videos to see how far he has gotten.  As much as I loved his mini-album, I secretly wish he would go back to singing like this.  Especially with all of Big Bang’s techno/electronic music forcing him to do falsettos and straining his vocals to sing things it wasn’t meant to, I really hope his 2nd solo album will be straight up R&B/hip-hop.

Beware, post is youtube heavy!  Enjoy & share your favorite videos!

You are so beautiful:

How he sang this song is just perfect.

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Tae Yang @ 6th Korean Music Awards

The 6th Korean Music Awards were held last night where Tae Yang was honored with 2 awards: Best R&B/Soul Album and Best R&B/Soul Song. Nominations and winners for this award were judged and based on musical accomplishment and value, not album sales and popularity.

Although he couldn’t make it to the show, Tae Yang did express his gratitude and appreciation with a video:

Thanks to elaisvip@youtube.

According to my google-translate-journalism, Tae Yang was the only “idol” to win an award at the show.  His album was praised by the judging panel for it’s respect and faith to mainstream American R&B music, also carrying with it sheer honesty in it’s lyrics (I’m assuming) and approach.  Tae Yang was very sad that he couldn’t attend the show because “this award meant a lot to me.”

Seriously, we need a translator.