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Full Album Coming In October

Yang HyunSeok, “TaeYang’s next solo work to be full length album”

Big Bang TaeYang will release a full-length album for his next solo single album. Yang HyunSeok representative of YG Entertainment said in an recent interview, “We have produced many songs for the full length album.” TaeYang released his first solo minialbum ‘HOT’ last May and was the first member out of Big Bang to have his solo debut. He also did his solo promotions for the title song ‘Look Only At Me’ and has won #1 on music shows for 2 weeks consecutively back then. 

Representative Yang said about TaeYang’s new album, “We have plans for it to be released in October, but there may more or less be some delays. That’s why we are thinking about whether to release one song first as a digital single.”

TaeYang has received much love for his solo promotions previously, and much anticipation is for his new solo album.TaeYang said, “I don’t know if the answer is because I’m doing something I like.”

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I hate that they can’t decide if its going to be a full album or a mini album. TBH it would be great to be a full album but i don’t want him to be stress out with the album and i don’t think he would have enough time to even promote the whole album 😦 I hope that they can finish the decision soon because October is coming soon and i hope that its as good as his 1st album :p

Carpe Diem Pictures + Download Link for Dance Battle!!

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