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[Interview] TaeYang Osen Interview: Dec. 31, 2009

TaeYang: “He Looks Serious for a Reason”

People shine when they do what they love best. Probably that is why he shines so brightly when he sings and dances on stage. This guy who sat down with me for an interview today is a cute, shy young man but once on stage he turns into a performer who is brimming with charisma and sizzling with sexiness. His name is TaeYang.

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[Interview] GQ Korea Interview with TaeYang: January 2010

Boys Don’t Cry.

by WooChul Jang, Editor

Zero pretensions. 100% Real. Like a rock, a mountain range and the sun afar. TaeYang, who is soon to release his first full album, does not stop to cry. He does not pace or hesitate either. Because his performances alone speak loud and clear. A GQ interview with TaeYang, an unusual teen idol who possesses both sincerity and instinct.

TaeYang is an unusual teen idol. He is larger than life and free only within the boundaries of what’s “real,” which is defined by himself. When he asks, “I should just do my thing, right?” that is what he sincerely feels. What kind of an idol cares about sincerity?

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[UFO Message No. 15] One is Such a Lonely Number

This is from the summer of 2008 when he just finished his solo activities. TaeYang recounts how he felt during the period. Well, enjoy and don’t forget to send in your messages for the ATY Christmas project! 

It feels like only yesterday that my solo album came out but it was already two month ago. I’ve just wrapped up my 60-odd days of solo activities. Looking back, the release had been delayed quite a bit and I realize that I had made you wait for too long.

When I first held a copy of my first album in my hands, with my name on it, I remember I had this hard to describe feeling. All these memories poured out – the days I had to work alone, I used to be with the guys all the time and now I was alone in the recording studio, working by myself. Some things were more difficult but I also had some fun. It was also a very moving experience. And a proud one as well.

Most importantly, I felt responsible to do well because I knew you’d been waiting for so long. When I first started my solo activities, everything felt new. Even the TV studios where I used to feel so comfortable and familiar now felt a bit awkward. I even felt a bit overwhelmed. However, I knew you were always there for me to support me. That really helped me and gave me strength. I think I appreciated the presence of my bandmates more than ever during my solo activities. On the stage, in the dressing room – things felt a bit unfamiliar somehow and I felt lonely especially in the dressing room. I had to eat alone – had to do practically everything alone. I just missed the guys a lot. So when I was back at our apartment after a day’s work, I was just so glad to see them again.

My solo period was a real eye-opener for me. Learned lots of new things. First off, there was only me on the stage, instead of five of us, which helped me clearly realize what needed to be improved. Now I can see what I should work on and in which direction. I also realized how much the other members meant to me. To sum it up, it was just such a great, priceless experience. Last but not least, the experience helped me realize that I am the happiest when I am on stage be it as Big Bang or by myself.

[(c)UFO][Translated by pgeorgie@AlwaysTaeYang]

[Interview] TaeYang Hankook Daily Interview: Dec. 3, 2009

Is he part black by any chance?

A Big Bang member TaeYang’s solo performances often make you wonder if he has black genes. Every time I see his bulging arm muscles cut through the air, I think I can almost hear the whoosh sound. The way he quickly adjusts his baseball cap he always seems to wear at a certain angle and the disciplined manner in which he executes his powerful performances with an indifferent face – all of those stuff I think only a black person can pull off.

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[Interview] TaeYang YonHap News Interview: Nov. 18, 2009

TaeYang: “Still Busy but Dreaming of Love”

People in their thirties would probably think of “Your Wedding” by Yun JongShin if they hear the news of their first loves getting married, but teenagers these days would definitely hum the tune from TaeYang’s “Wedding Dress.”

TaeYang, who came out with his first solo EP and dominated the charts with his big hit single, “Look Only at Me” last year, recently came back with a single, “Wedding Dress.” He has now joined the other two fellow Big Bang members, SeungRi and G-Dragon, who came out solo before him.

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[News] TaeYang’s 2nd Digital Single Wedding Dress Coming Out on the 13th

[(c)YG Entertainment]

Just the gist:

– TaeYang from Big Bang to unveil his new single, “Wedding Dress” shortly.
– According to the YG Entertainment official press release today, TaeYang’s 2nd digital single is coming out on the 13th.
– TaeYang will continue his promotional activities, inclduing TV appearances, until the end of the year.
– Wedding Dress is co-composed by Teddy and TaeYang.
– Wedding Dress is a slow R&B song that has both popular appeal and artistic merit, much like Look Only at Me.
– TaeYang will make the TV debut performance of his new single on SBS Inkigayo on the 15th, coming Sunday.

[Original source: Money Today]

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[Naver Feature] SeungGhi Lee Versus TaeYang: Oct. 27, 2009

This is the guy who said, “… TaeYang’s Look Only at Me is my song of the year.” (Read “What They Say About TaeYang”). He is still a fan boy – he may not make a whole lot of sense – and he knows it – but one thing seems clear to me: he wanted to use this opportunity to praise TaeYang lol:


Special Feature | SeungGhi Lee vs. TaeYang
By WooChul Jang, GQ Korea Features Director / Edited by Naver Music

Oh, my. What could there possibly be that could make those two rivals? It’s even hard to imagine them standing side by side. I checked if they are the same age, just in case – well, they are not. First, when I think of Seung-Ghi Lee, these things come to my mind: a baby brother, a well-behaved youngest son, a younger date, a model young man, a record 70% viewership rating, huh-dang, older women fans (noona)… It’s like a flood gate opened. How about TaeYang? A feel? An instinct? Performance? I’m not sure but thoughts are not exactly pouring out. Certainly, I do not intent to describe them as rivals in this article. Let’s not get over-sensitive about the expression, “versus.” Now, let’s begin, shall we? I chose to discuss about those two together because I wanted to offer my observations on what’s going on today through two twenty-something male vocalists who are on top of their game.

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[UFO Message No. 16] TaeYang Dreams a Dream Once in a While

[(c)UFO; (c)YG Entertainment; AlwaysTaeYang@YouTube]
[Translated by pgeorgie; timing/encoding/uploading by patra86]

You know, in the movies or on TV, you often see the hero propose to the woman he loves by singing a romantic song while playing the piano. I thought it was so romantic and apparently that’s the way many women dream of being proposed to. I, too, dream of such a romantic proposal. Of course, I would be the one who does the proposing. I want to be the guy who plays the piano and sings a romantic song to confess his love. Well, I haven’t had a chance to do that yet but am pretty sure that I will have my chance someday. I practice both piano and singing pretty hard just in case that moment comes sooner than later. I should be able to propose in the most perfect way by then. Besides, if I stood in front of a woman I truly love, I would be extremely nervous but could really sing straight from my heart. Would I be able to win her heart? That would be THE most nerve-wracking performance of my life – I have jitters already. Wow, I may need a pill or something to calm my nerves before I start singing. Wow, the butterflies in my stomach will totally go wild! I’m going to have to practice hard thinking of the future love of my life. So, waiting for the day, hwaiting!

[Magazine] Big Bang in Elle Girl Korea: October 2009 – TaeYang


“I’m not really interested in branching out into other fields.”
Unlike the other members who have been busy in various areas other than music, TaeYang was not easy to meet. While the other members were busy branching out into new fields, such as variety shows, TV acting and musical, all he cared about was “music.”

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[Trans] Naver Musician’s Choice: July 13, 2009

The writer of this column sure sounds like a fan of YB’s. I really enjoyed reading this because as a fan, I always love to hear about the music/artists he listens to. YB gets so passionate when he talks about what he truly loves – music, dancing and the YG Family, and it’s a joy to translate what he says when that happens.

One thing that I find confusing is the part where YB mentions his upcoming “full-length album,” which makes me suspect the interview for this column actually happened before YGE’s announcement:


Popular Boy Band Big Bang’s Shining Sun, TaeYang’s

“Music That Makes Me Want to Go Up on Stage”

On this edition, a member of Big Bang and a singer with dazzling vocal skills, TaeYang recommends his favorite music.
By Kim Pyong

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