5 thoughts on “Taeyang’s White Night is Out!”

  1. I recall one of the press briefings describing the album as being “full of songs that were very Taeyang” and I agree so much. I love the relaxed vibe and how they all sound like songs he personally loves. He sounded so happy during the v-live and I suspect that this is the sort of album he’s always wanted to put out since debut. None of it is trendy and just sounds like stuff he would sing for fun — his own kind of comfort music and now he’s inviting fans to come groove with him. Its such a different energy in the past and just feels so confident and authentically HIM.

    And like all YB’s music from the past, it really reveals itself slowly with successive listens. I feel that this is one that improves with age. (And we’ll have all of the next 2-3 years to test that theory TT TT )

    1. TBH, I really feel this is really a proper album and has to be considered as such. It makes sense to listen to it all of a piece. I didn’t think that the songs went together, but the flow is perfect and builds on the whole vibe. It’s just so impressive all together.
      Darling as the lead single though is a headscratcher for me since it made the least impression of the 8 songs. Such a pity since many casual listeners will stop there and it doesn’t represent the album at all.

  2. Ahhh!!! I agree with you so much BM! White Night this time around sounds authentically him and I’m loving everything about it *full of feelz*

    I love the sound of all the tracks in the sampler and eee!! I have missed hearing YB sing! This comeback couldn’t have come at a better time, him returning with “White Night” reminds me why I fell in love with this man and Kpop in the first place.

    I can’t wait to get more info on the tour too. He’ll be tired I bet, but danngg I gotta see him before enlistment 😦 He’ll be coming to my country come October 29 and I can’t wait to know more so I can snag tickeeettttssss ahhhhhhh! COLOUR ME EXTREMELY EXCITED.

      1. Oh man, I know 😦 I’m keeping all my fingers and limbs crossed I snag one too. I haven’t seen a YB solo concert at all and I’d loooooovvvvee to go before I can’t (or have to wait a good 2-3 years or longer).

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