Wow! We are getting a video for the Intro for the first time… and it’s something different.


It seems that we finally have that moody, atmospheric alt-R&B track in the style that YB has been wanting to release for the past 8 years?  I wonder if this Intro is a concession by his label given that this will be the last album before “a long break” or a sign that the rest of the album will be more in Taeyang’s personal preferred style as opposed to the public friendly music that YG normally pushes for.  Either way, the video is gorgeous and the melody much more complex and dramatic (and YB looks amazing.)

4 thoughts on “Taeyang’s WHITE NIGHT: INTRO MV”

  1. I’m so happy you guys will be active to post about this tour and comeback! I will be at 2 of his shows so I’m very excited for my dream of a YB solo con to come true! Can’t wait for the album to drop next week 🙂

  2. I am wayyyy too excited for this. I also miss the ATY community very much. So much to catch up with you all! I hope all of us are doing well! ^^

    I really love this comeback. I love this intro and I love the music most of all. I’ve missed hearing this from YB! HIS NEW HAIR TOO, just lkajsd;flkajs;dlkfja;!!!

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