Taeyang duet on SBS Fantastic Duo Episode 2 (160424)

It was inevitable with a show called “Fantastic Duo” that Bigbang’s immortal dance jam would be called into service as a theme of sorts. Taeyang repped his boys admirably, turning the studio into a mini concert with some of his fans.  (I’ll forever be amused at the fanboys….)

Taeyang chose to use “Loser” as his song to select a duet partner. It was fun to see the range of fans who applied via Everysing (with some even resorting to performance art and cosplay) especially since they needed someone who could both rap and sing!  It must have been a huge job finding the most serious ones among hundreds of applicants, especially the criteria seemed to be more than just singing.  And it paid off in the funniest “audition” for this episode – loads of fun and Bigbang spirit!

Taeyang said he wanted to find someone who could express their personal color best.

From that little party, there was a surprising change in gears for the actual duet since it was an emotional performance of “Eyes Nose Lips”.

Check it out on Naver too.

The post duet analysis:

I loved it!  To be honest, show competition doesn’t matter as much at this performance level.  Everyone was amazing and so much fun.

UPDATE:  English Subbed Episode (Full) via Kshowonline.

5 thoughts on “Taeyang duet on SBS Fantastic Duo Episode 2 (160424)”

  1. That duet of ENL was absolutely stunning. One of my favorite performances of the song yet. Both YB and the other singer were just amazing. So emotional, but genuine and sincere. So good.

  2. It was good but could of been so much better… a bit disappointed. His inexperience in duets, especially with the opposite gender showed a bit today.
    And the Loser stage was such a mess, though it was fun cause of the dudes, it also felt like they were making a joke of him by having his be so unpolished compared to the rest.

    The duo was honestly praised in the end by everyone though so it must of came off better live etc.

  3. I think in terms of stage chemistry, YB’s duet takes the show. The body languages from the other contestants during their respective performances seemed a bit awkward, which I’m guessing were all nerves. His partner, Seo Jin, had the edge in confidence.

    Although other than stage chemistry, one other factor that made YB and Seo Jin’s performance my favorite of the episode was actually the natural build up of the song. That in itself made the performance seem that much more epic and climactic. (Hats off to the drummer lol)

    Also, I just have to mention Lee Sun Hee. Her voice is A+++. Everyone did well overall. I can’t really see how they can keep up with these high profile line-ups. But as what was said in the post, with performances like these, competition doesn’t matter.

    1. This was how I felt too! (The song arrangement, guitar and drums added so much to the drama, not to mention their playing off each other.)

      YB gave such good advice to her: Be a gangster and dominate! It made such a difference given her style and personality. In the end, their “storytelling” as parted lovers seemed so authentic with their contrasting voices/styles and the back and forth.

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