[COD] Im Chang Jung on Instagram with Lee Sun Hee and Taeyang 160419

From Instagram @changjungo

ICJ With Lee Sunhee and YB

#fantasticduo Taeyang #InChangJung #LeeSunHee

I feel trapped in a barrel at both ends…. setting SunHee noona aside… What.. is this guy… I was fascinated by an idol with his talent filming for the broadcast…… He was even good-hearted… There is a reason why…. !!!! Um….. This must be enough~… ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Taeyang-ah Come to drink a glass of soju!!^^ I’m asking for this plainly.~~^^ hehehe kissasskissass~ SunHee noona can’t drink~ ^^

(Translation via @rollingin777)

Im Chang Jung is adorable on Fantastic Duo – I hope TY and he get that drink together (even though we all know Taeyang “doesn’t get drunk”.)   Get closer please and be adorable together (preferably on more variety shows!)

2 thoughts on “[COD] Im Chang Jung on Instagram with Lee Sun Hee and Taeyang 160419”

  1. Thanks for posting this. 💜 I am proud of Tae!! Chang Jung is really funny and cute! XD btw, I really love this fansite. Really appreciate all the hardwork you have put on it. 😊

    1. Im Chang Jung is so, so cute. I’d love for him to work with YB again – fingers crossed that this will be a year of many many interesting collaborations!

      And thank you so much for the compliment! TT TT We were actually taking a little break from posting while Bigbang is touring so I hope you follow us on twitter for all the daily little updates. Hopefully YB will become busier and then we’ll have a lot of good reasons to start posting again!

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