Taeyang joins legendary singers for the premiere of SBS’ “Fantastic Duo” 160417


SBS premiered its new Sunday afternoon music show “Fantastic Duo” on April 17 with legendary singers Lim Sun Hee, Im Chang Jung, Kim Bum Soo and Taeyang as the special guests.

A collaboration with the “Everysing” smartphone app, the show gives contestants a chance to duet with their favorite singers on the app and selected applicants get to do it for real on the show.

Here is Taeyang’s duet version of “Loser” on the app (full version with the recorded promo bits – so cute!) and a sample duet with Winner members

SBS also heavily promoted the premiere with some goodies including:

A MC version of Loser with the 3 MCs

A reworking of Fantastic Baby as the show’s theme

The April 17 show introduced the four singers and kicked off with Lim Sun Hee and Im Chang Jung picking their duet partners.   Taeyang’s part is coming next weekend!

Some Taeyang clips from the April 17 show (also via Naver)

Taeyang Introduction and ENL Solo

A YG impression

Impromptu ENL with 3 voices

Taeyang sings Im Chang Jung’s “Again”

Preview for the April 24 show:

UPDATE: Full episode with subtitles via KSHOWONLINE here.


7 thoughts on “Taeyang joins legendary singers for the premiere of SBS’ “Fantastic Duo” 160417”

  1. I loved the 2 short duets at the start of the show!

    And while Kim Bum Soo famously covered ENL before on Sketchbook, it worked even better with all 3 voices joining in. Too bad it was so short.

  2. Happy he’s doing well on this show. Half Surprised at the status he’s considered though.

    Side note-

    One of my biggest regrets for YB is he never got into the variety game/diverted from the YG studio much. Always hoped he’d reconnect with Gummy, Wheesung, Kim Jo han etc and work on his vocal base likenothers have in those shows. Or even get with bumsoo/sekyung/the list of proud seniors outside of yg to take him under their wings like the rest of BB got. Hopefully this stint did that even if army time is soon to come.

    1. I’d love to see him do more TV on his own too. Perhaps when it is time for solos and subunits we will see more of him on shows. (Though knowing how shy YB is, he’s always going to be very selective about which shows he goes on.) And a HUGE yes for working with other artists outside of YG *AND* actually releasing the results. (I’m convinced there is a whole lot more in that vault of unreleased music that we don’t even know about. Which is totally frustrating, ugh.)

      1. Well, of course there is. Albums are usually made from dozens of songs recorded complete/guides/partial cords/chorus etc settled down into a few select final masters then usually a cohesive project. So with all the ones he scraped to make both solar/rise theres a ton recorded and saved, not even mentioning BB works since he, gd & TOP stay in the studio. Just hope theres still time for him to be mentored etc even though he’a already leading the next gen.

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