“I’m going now, to eat!” : Taeyang has dinner with a fan on V-live (150909)

TRANS by @ShrimpLJY Ye-oun and her parents, thank you. I ate well !”

V-live is running a series of individual broadcasts for each of the Bigbang members every Wednesday in September through Naver’s V streaming App.  Taeyang selected a special fan to visit at her home and had fun over a delicious home cooked meal.  See the adorable visit on the V-App here.   It’s already subbed!

We’ve always known Taeyang has a special way with fans from way back (remember hug events and airport feedings?), but this was another level of awesome.  The visit was so cute from start to finish!

From Taeyang traveling to the front door like a nervous boyfriend on the way to meet the parents (with bouquet of flowers and gifts),  to meeting the family, dinner and …doing the dishes.   He danced, sang,  answered questions about his solo and his hair, joked, ate (and ate and ate) and dispensed hugs, gifts and loads and loads of charm and sincerity to every family member right down to the puppy.   It was so adorable!

The Jeon family was great too and were a perfect choice for the visit. Thanks for feeding Taeyang so well!

Please watch it on the app and support by sending him lots of comments and hearts.


5 thoughts on ““I’m going now, to eat!” : Taeyang has dinner with a fan on V-live (150909)”

  1. There were so many cute moments on this broadcast – I loved it from start to finish!


    I liked how he said meeting old fans was so special because it reminds him of things he forgot and fans are living witnesses of Bigbang’s history. (Their first year was the “dark ages” lol.) I liked how he invited the whole family to BB’s next concert as his guests when he found out Ye-oun and her sister missed out because of ticket wars. And how he loves the sound of being called for dinner and eating homemade food since he gets to do so rarely since being a trainee. And how he fed Mama Jeon an over-full spoon saying “this is my heart.” And how strict he is about certain things (no leftover rice, no drinking while eating, doing the dishes – cute YB ajusshi lol.) And how he really wanted to see the puppy lol. I could go on and on except it might turn into a minute by minute transcript lol.

  2. After watching this it made me regret why am I not born in Korea.. 😁😁😁. It really made me love him more. His cuteness overload and how polite and humble person he is. Cute, shy, polite, nice, humble, sweet, seems like an approachable person that he won’t make you intimidated of his presence, he’s also funny and did great MCing.. He is enjoying what he’s doing thats why it is really entertaining to watch from start to finish. A little bit of jealousy but end up really happy and contented after watching this. I may sound redundant but I really can’t get over it. 😄😄😄. He is indeed the STAGE SLAYER TAEYANG and the HEART ROBBER YOUNG BAE! .. good job Mr. Dong Young Bae. MAY GOD BLESS YOU MORE AND MORE!

    1. Haha. Inspite of being nervous, he actually looked really happy to be there. I could tell everyone was having a good time. He’s really not a “celebrity” type person — he’s so sweet and humble and down to earth. And I admire how he managed to keep talking and eating at the same time lol.

      So hard to keep from fangirling so much.

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