2015 MBC Infinity Challenge Music Festival : GD x Taeyang Episode 7 (150822)

It’s D-day! The cast gathers for greetings before technical rehearsals and are all impressed with one another’s stages. Everyone has put in a lot of work and it shows – each stage has a unique twist and it looks like this may be one of their best festivals yet.

Here’s our 88 boys:

More video below the cut

We’ll have to wait for subs to understand the interviews but the most important part is the final performance – so enjoy 맙소사! (Oh My Gosh/ MapSoSa)

And since fancams are almost always better than the broadcast cut:


Taeyang Focus


Full Episode (unsubbed)

All the songs were so good! “Oh My Gosh” is a great summer banger as expected – please support on Melon or any of the other Korean streaming sites if you can. The studio version is awesome! Turn it up loud and dance!

Oh My Gosh (Melon)

(Don’t forget Mino ft. Taeyang’s “Fear” too! Which is now also on iTunes)

2 thoughts on “2015 MBC Infinity Challenge Music Festival : GD x Taeyang Episode 7 (150822)”

  1. Thanks for the video! I couldn’t wait for the sub so I’ve watch the full version anyway. The song is awesome and is great for summer! Did anyone know what MC Yoo commented on taeyang’s thorn jeans? I wonder if its the same jeans he wore before because the hole seems to get bigger and bigger..LOL

    1. I’ve noticed that YB tends to develop a favorite article of clothing every season and then he wears the he** out of it for months and then never wears it again. This is especially true for pants. (Remember those leather RickOwens pants during Alive Tour? He even completely ripped it during the Taipei concert only to have an exact same pair on the next day. Apparently he keeps spares of those he really likes. Like buying 100 of the same white Hanes shirt. ) Lol. Its a weird aspect of his loyal (and stubborn) nature I guess. Unless those pants completely fall off his body before fall, I think we’re stuck with them for a while.

      (YJS commented that he might as well wear shorts since his pants were so torn up.)

      I love the HwangTaeJi song! It’s such a great pick me up and my first real banger of the summer. (Even more than Bangx3 for me lol)

      All the songs were really good honestly. Though PMS seems to have done it and come up with the #1 song AGAIN – he’s like the all time champion of these music festivals, haha. Have to give props to IU and their team (I LOVE JAEHWAN!!!!!) for a brilliant song.

      I have to be really honest though… I play Fear around 10 times more than HwangTaeJi’s song lol. I’m totally addicted.

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