Mino ft. Taeyang on “Show Me the Money”: “Fear” (150821)

“Show Me the Money” is a Korean hiphop competition in the style of American Idol and The Voice but with editing by way of American reality shows (which means a lot more simulated drama and silliness.) Inspite of much criticism and controversy (or perhaps because of it) the show has proven to be remarkably popular and is a ratings winner for Mnet.

Now in it’s 4rth season, the show is already entering its semi-finals with YG Winner’s Song Minho as one of those favored to win. In an effort to shed his big-label connections, Mino chose to compete under the wings of producers Zico and Palo Alto, rather than Team YG. Nevertheless, when it came time to pick an artist to collaborate with, he called on YG sunbae Taeyang to help him out.  It’s a good match, and I think they did a terrific job competition aside.

Taeyang may be a somewhat controversial pick since Mino has been trying to compete independently of the YG label but not an entirely surprising one since both Mino and Zico are fans of Taeyang. And I can see why the sincerity of the song would appeal to Taeyang.

Please support the song and buy/stream it on Melon or Mnet 🙂  Also now on iTunes.

Fear Mino YB

Translation from @chrissy96_

2 thoughts on “Mino ft. Taeyang on “Show Me the Money”: “Fear” (150821)”

  1. This song is so good. He definitely finds the right person, Taeyang’s voice suited this song really well. But I love the lyrics even more, especially ” I mustn’t sleep so they can sleep comfortably”. The more I listen to it. the more sad I felt for them..

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