BIGBANG debuts Let’s Not Fall In Love on SBS Inkigayo (150809)

It’s the most stripped back SBS stage I’ve ever seen for Bigbang especially considering it’s the first broadcast performance of a promoted single. (What – no rain machine? Taeyang doesn’t spin? No flirting with random dancers?) But… I loved it just the same.  The song is just so pretty and the plain stage puts the spotlight right on the vocals and the song.

That said, I think the song would be great when they can play around with the audience (such as on KBS Sketchbook.)  LNFIL is a song that seems better when you can feel them singing straight TO you (most preferably with those longing stares) so I’m guessing it works better in concerts or in smaller venues where the audience is up close.

I love Taeyang’s artfully tousled nest of hair.  It makes him seem years younger. He’s such a kind hearted guy maybe actual birds style it for him in the mornings? It worked for Disney and he is such an animal lover…

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