2015 MBC Infinity Challenge Music Festival: GD X Taeyang Episode 6 (150808)

The teams play for stage effects and their performance spot in the festival sequence and Kwanghee and Taeyang are number 1 … meaning they only got one question right lol. (GD was busy filming an MV so it was left to them to rep HwangTaeJi.)


Video after the cut

What to do when they offer such gems in the guessing game?

(The answer is “the Leaning Tower of Pisa”)
HwangKH: It’s in Italy! People take picture standing crooked!
TY: the Eiffel Tower?
(Trans cr: @huisuyoon)

Er… on the bright side, variety works best when you’re either very good or very bad. Our team brings both the funny and cute as they win the opening spot and … confetti lol. After they break the (bad) news to a befuddled GD, they get to work in the studio to do what they really do best.

GDYB cut:

Full episode (unsubbed)

Update: Check dramafever for full episode english subs (This is Infinity Challenge Episode 92)  Also via kshowonline (Episode 440) for those outside the US and Japan.

The festival will be filmed on August 13 but broadcast on August 22 so there won’t be a festival related broadcast next Saturday.  Can’t wait to hear the final song and to see what they finally do with the confetti haha.

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