BIGBANG says Let’s Not Fall In Love [Made Series E MV]

Bigbang comes back with their most romantic MV ever. It’s a veritable playbook of romance clichés – running in the rain, swings, bikes, playful eating … and trashing a grocery store (well, it’s Bigbang after all.) The actresses are meant to be stand-ins for fangirls everywhere, and who can resist when the boys are so heart-clutchingly adorable and HANDSOME. Lawds, Taeyang… there are no words…

The song is alright… nothing Bigbang hasn’t done before. But I honestly had to force myself to notice the song through repeated watchings of the video.   Once one gets over wanting to stick pins in some girl (or maybe that’s just me…) and can manage to just appreciate the eyecandy relatively calmly (ie with a steady heartrate etc), the song can be appreciated for the pleasant cotton candy that it is. Now to screencap everything….

The making of the MV is possibly even more adorable (and Taeyang was looking great at the countdown event too, sigh.) We’ll post those up once we get our hands on the video (or check it out on Naver V app where you can rewatch the entire countdown.) But in the meantime, let’s try to figure out why such a pretty MV hurts so good…

Available on itunes.


Making of “Let’s Not Fall In Love”

V Countdown event:

Countdown Live Spot

4 thoughts on “BIGBANG says Let’s Not Fall In Love [Made Series E MV]”

    1. Now that I’ve calmed down enough to really listen to the song, I’ve fallen in love with it. It’s such a pretty melody and YB sounds amazing in it. And I do think the MV sets it off perfectly. Terrific work all around. Sorry BB — I’m already in love too!

  1. Man, I haven’t been here in a while. It just popped in my head after seeing these videos pop up in my Youtube feed.

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