2015 MBC Infinity Challenge Music Festival: GD X Taeyang Episode 5 (150801)

IC calls for an “Emergency Meeting” to work out issues between the different teams. Everyone pitches in with suggestions for each team and both GD and TY are called on to do some impromptu performances.

More video below the cut

GD and Taeyang share their own worries with Kwanghee – it’s not music or dancing that’s the problem, but that their team isn’t funny on the show.  They’re counting on Kwanghee to bring the funny!

Later on, HwangTaeJi meet up at YG headquarters to let Kwanghee finally hear the song and they end up with some ideas for styling their team.

Here’s the sample of their song 맙소사 (MapSoSa /Oh My God):

All in all it’s a cute episode and TY is ADORABLE on the show with all his reactions. (And kudos to GD for pointing out to Kwanghee that making fun of TY is not funny. So cut it out lol.) Pretty sure all this minor squabbling is just for variety drama though since they easily get to work at the end and turn out Kwanghee’s wish for a banger which he seems to love. Can our Good Boys make Kwanghee look cool? The suspense builds….

GD x TY Cuts:

Full episode (unsubbed):

Part 1

Part 2

In the preview for next week, Taeyang is playing games with the IC members. I can’t waaaaaaaitttt……

Thanks so much to the uploaders for sharing the video! As always, links to subs to be posted when available.

Update: Check dramafever for full episode english subs (This is Infinity Challenge Episode 91)  Also via kshowonline (Episode 439) for those outside the US and Japan.

It’s all love guys…


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