2015 MBC Infinity Challenge Music Festival: GDx Taeyang Episode 4 (150725)

Kwanghee pokes a little fun at Taeyang’s expense but trust our boy not to take the teasing sitting down, haha.

Team HwangTaeJi enjoy a bonding experience at the waterpark and over cooking at GD’s place.  (Aaaaah! So many cute gif-able YB moments!) And its cute how they get excited over food.  Food is so important in building relationships and the creative process, right? At least it’s always been that way for me….

Can’t wait to hear a sample of their song. I have a feeling it’s going to be ridiculously… cute.

Thanks so much to @gaussx99 for sharing the video!

Update: Check dramafever for full episode english subs (This is Infinity Challenge Episode 90)  Also via kshowonline (Episode 438) for those outside the US and Japan.



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