2015 MBC Infinity Challenge Music Festival: GD X Taeyang Episode 3 (150718)

Our Team gets to know each other and it’s a little bit awkward at first but then they all decide to be friends. GD and Taeyang try to figure out how to approach the song using Kwanghee’s own style as inspiration and they end up at a noraebang to get a little sample of Kwanghee’s singing style. Kwanghee’s a big fan of Bigbang’s dance songs (leading to the inevitable Fantastic Baby segment) but it seems GD and TY have something else in mind…

Update: Check dramafever for full episode english subs (This is Episode 89)  Also via kshowonline (Episode 437) for those outside the US and Japan.

Cute to see TY being so active and GD being coy (GD really is the master of push and pull, lol.) And it’s great that TY seems to be

In the meantime, can’t wait for their bonding session next week at the water park. Combining work and play for our Good Boys is a treat especially when they are so busy nowadays.

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