KNS : A Reading of Taeyang’s Future Fortune


Online news site KNS recently posted a horoscope/fortune reading for Taeyang in its culture & arts section.  Rather cryptic and open to various interpretations, it’s interesting to compare how it matches up with our previous post on Taeyang’s palm reading  awhile back. Regardless of how one might feel about horoscopes in general, I thought it was still an interesting read.

일엽락(一葉落) 천하지추(天下知秋)라.
When a leaf falls, everyone knows fall is coming.

작은 현상만 알아도 능히 큰 근본을 알 수 있다는 뜻이렸다.
This means that just by looking at a small phenomenon, the fundamental basis of it can be easily known.

태양, 그는 백아절현(伯牙絶絃)인 친우(親友)를 멀리하고 보다 더한 고독(孤獨)과 외로움을 감내하고 노력한다면 크게 될 상이다.
Taeyang, [he] has a potential for a very successful future if he keeps some distance from his closest friend who recognizes his value, and works hard while enduring deeper loneliness and solitude.

인기(人氣)와 명예(名譽)를 추종하고 돈을 탐하지 않는다면 수복(壽福)이 명줄과 함께 하리라.
If he doesn’t chase after popularity, honor, and money, he will have a long life and good fortune for his entire life.

비전역경(秘傳易經)에 의하면 일월성신(一月星辰)에 귀인(貴人)이 붙어살고 상생(相生)이 될지니 물욕(物慾)만 다스린다면 평생에 지록(地錄)과 수복운(壽福運)이 따라다닌다. 마음을 비우고 예능(藝能)에 통달(通達)하라.
According to a fortune book named ‘秘典易經’, a noble man lives in the sun, the moon and the stars and he and Taeyang will be beneficial for each other; so if only he controls his earthly desires, wealth and the fortune of long life will follow him for his entire life. He must empty his mind and be well-versed in artistic abilities.
* 貴人(noble man) : Someone who helps Taeyang’s life.

그리하여 타고 태어난 원시(原始)의 야생(野生)을 다스리라.
This way he will control the inherent wilderness inside him.

갑골문(甲骨文)에 의하면 큰 뜻을 이루려 할 제 풍수(風水)를 조절해 운(運)을 맞이한다 하였다.
According to the oracle bone script, he will control the winds and the water when he tries to accomplish a great purpose, and will face his fate.

이 운기(運氣)를 취하는 자는 만복(萬福)이 따른다 하였다.
It also said all kinds of fortune will follow the person who takes control of this energy.

선천(先天)과 중천(中天)이 담담하니, 중천(中天)과 하천(下天)이 상생(相生)이로구나. 만에 하나 하천(下天)인 현세(現世)에서 몸을 아끼지 않아 예인(藝人)을 포기할 량이면 큰일이로세.
Because the upper and the middle the sky is calm and peaceful, the middle and the lower sky creates a harmony. If he give up his job [as] an artist by not taking care of his body in this life (which is called lower sky), he will be in big trouble.

왜냐하면 군은 환생(還生)의 업(業)으로 현생(現生)을 살고 있음이니 제대로 태어난 몫을 다하여야 후광(後光)의 빛을 바라는 환생(還生)이 있음이라.
Because he is living his current life on account of his karma in his former life, he should do the duty of his life properly to encounter reincarnation with a halo.

장차 큰 인물이 됨이로세.
He will become a great person in the future.

By: Ahn Joong-Seon
Culture & Arts journalist/correspondent for KNS News Dispatch

Original post here.

Many thanks to xxxibeunjn and redsun for the (rather challenging) translation. Thanks also to Silly and Cindy for helping edit and proof the post! Please credit if taking out.

Photo was from the RISE album Premiere event.

3 thoughts on “KNS : A Reading of Taeyang’s Future Fortune”

  1. Even though I am one of those people who only choose to believe fortunes when I like what they are saying 😉 , I do find these readings interesting and I like seeing how they turn out. (It’s especially interesting to me that his fortune seems to be read relatively often by the media. Is he a particularly interesting case?)

    I recall how a fortune teller back in 2013 was saying that he shouldn’t do any solo activities that year and it was the year we got Ringa Linga (hmmm…) In this particular case, the divinator (?)/fortune teller seems to be a bit of a fan so its nice to see that his future as a musician seems to be written in the stars somewhere…

  2. Read the linked post about the palm reading. Sounds like maybe big things will come his way after his mandatory enlistment (granted that he enlists in the next couple of years).

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