MBC Infinite Challenge kicks off their 2015 Music Festival with GD x Taeyang (Episode 1 – 150704)

It’s time for MBC Infinite Challenge’s Music Festival and guess who’s part of the lineup of artists?

Check the full cut HERE. In the meantime, check our twitter feed for some highlights.

Update: Check dramafever for full episode english subs (This is Episode 87)  Also via kshowonline (Episode 435) for those outside the US and Japan.

IC usually airs a series of episodes leading up to the popular festival of song collaborations between IC hosts and partner artists. The first episode in the series is off to a good start, with each artist introducing themselves a la “Mask Singer” (another MBC variety show.) The next few episodes will show how each partnership creates a new song. Since it’s Taeyang’s first time on the show, I can’t wait to see how the creative process goes…

I love that IU was the first to identify Taeyang. Props to my favorite fangirl!

12 thoughts on “MBC Infinite Challenge kicks off their 2015 Music Festival with GD x Taeyang (Episode 1 – 150704)”

  1. hahaha they are so hilarious..at first i couldn’t recognise TY’s voices but somewhere in the middle chorus i managed to tell right away..they do sound like norazo though..they should do more of this act..Can’t wait to see the whole episode!!

    1. They were so good! (Of course YB was adorably shy and nervous as usual later on.) Such a good song choice! And I love IU’s face when she realized it was YB.

      The IC Music Festival is one of my favorite bits from the show every year but its hard to find subs for full episodes. I really hope someone subs full episodes this year because the lineup of artists is so great. I’ll link some if I find any.

      1. Go to Dramafever.com for the last Music Festival, however, they started after everyone choose their partners and started on the “second” episode.

        1. Also, they put subs up about three weeks after in initially airs in South Korea.

        2. Thanks! It’s going to be a long wait for subs but its such a help that at least someone is doing them 🙂 In the meantime I shall endlessly replay the last episode, hahaha. It’s such a pity that dramafever is only in US and Japan markets for now I think…Fans in other parts of the world would definitely appreciate the subs too 😦

  2. This was great. I recognized GD right away so that’s how I knew the other one must be TY. But had he gone first or was by himself I wouldn’t have realized it was him until later. I’ve seen the previous episodes with GD and crack up laughing with what goes on. I really hope someone subs this year’s one too.

  3. Thanks bluemaid! My friend and I was wondering earlier whether GD will join for this year IC Music Festival again since they are so busy with the current promotion and tour. I’m glad that he decided to join this year too and even great he brought TY along! Haha maybe next year he could bring the whole group too to the show. Anyhow I’m getting curious as to who is pairing with them..Cant wait to see the chemistry together

  4. True experienced performers and their stage presence is awesome, you can see from panel’s reaction how they got excited by them. It’s just a little performance but so much fun, intrigue, hype and voices are so good too ^ ^ YB’s real voice was heard at the 2nd part of the song just a few seconds when he sang in high note, that made IU recognized him…she was not disappointing as a YB’s stan ^ ^
    I never watch this show before, but I’ve made my search about it and…akhh…it’s seems so entertain & exciting especially next when they showing the producing process, I love it, it must be so cool…can’t wait !!

  5. Youngbae, IU, Yu Hee Yeol (Sentimental Pervert. Oh gosh. I died), Lee Juk on one stage?!?! Is this a dreaaamm?

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