BangBangBang wins on MCountdown! (150611)

Our favorite unique kids performed We Love 2 Party and Bang Bang Bang and notched their first win for the A Series on Mnet’s Mcountdown with their trademark flair.

Performances and more under the cut

The boys are looking cute but a bit tired honestly, but who can blame them? (They’re still deep in album and MV preparation, with different photoshoots and recordings and of course the concert tour as well.) Hope they remain healthy and in good spirits throughout the coming months. And congrats to BigBang and the VIPs for that win – a lot of love and hard work went into that!

The thanks from our YoungBae-Ajushhi…

More from video from Mnet:

Encore Full Version

MPD Mission:  No. 1 BIGBANG Congratulations

Taeyang PlayMnet Rehearsal Fancams

We Like 2 Party (omg so cuuuuuute.)

Unfortunately Mnet won’t have a Taeyang focused fancam for BangBangBang for some reason.  (Probably because the camera couldn’t follow him and Daesung at the back.)



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