Bigbang on KBS YHY Sketchbook (150605)

YB Sketchbook 150605 - 2

Full Show – Official with English subtitles  (Bigbang starts at 25:10 and again at 1:06:15)

Bigbang performed on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook for the first time as a group (so surprising) and it was marked by both old and new performances: BaeBae, Bang Bang Bang, Fantastic Baby and Lies.

Performance Cuts and  Fancams below the cut

Full Interview (Eng Sub)

Who would have thought that among all the songs, it would be the performance of Lies that would be the stand-out? The playful and sentimental “retrospective” just showed how far they’ve come from the babies they were back in 2006. Glad to see so much affection and sweetness between the members too. They’ve come a long way together and MADE seems to be turning out to be a celebration of their friendship as well as the different sides of Bigbang.

Will post subs as soon as they’re out!

Meanwhile, some Taeyang focused fancams from 518%

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